It’s LIVE!! The new website is up and I’m so excited for you guys to see it! I have been working hard on this for a while now and I’m so excited to reveal it today!

Some of you may remember I redesigned my website just over a year ago and I truly loved it! BUT there was one thing lacking – a great mobile site. I hated going to my website from my phone. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t anything special, and it was just really plain. And the bad part was, I was unable to customize it. So, over the past year I would occasionally look into other options and I came across a platform called Showit. I was in love with it! You can easily customize an entire site yourself and make it anything you want it to be. After things slowed down after wedding season this past year I began working on creating my own Showit site and today it’s ready to be shown to the world! 🙂

Be sure to take a look around! This isn’t a complete rebrand. I’ve still kept the blues and gold so a lot of it will be familiar to you, but the site itself is totally different! Some of my favorite parts are the “Meet Us” page. A lot of you know Usbec joined MSP earlier this year as the Assistant Photographer so you’ll see a little bit of him scattered throughout the site now! Another favorite page is the “For Brides” page. I love the layout of it and how informational it is now.

Be sure to view it from a computer and your phone!! I love both versions of it! I hope you guys love the new site! I love the pages mentioned above, but my absolute favorite part is that the mobile site is pretty now and matches the desktop view! 🙂 Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite part is!




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