wedding photography gear, lensesToday I’m sharing all about our wedding photography gear! I remember when I first started this photography journey I had a simple point and shoot camera (Nikon d5200) and one lens that was worth about $100. Was it good enough? Sure! It’s what I learned on! I learned all about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on that camera. It served me well. Until I learned about shooting in RAW, low light capabilities, the benefits of a full frame camera, etc. and then I decided I HAD to move up to a better camera. So, in came my next one, the Nikon d7000. This camera was awesome! I loved it so much! In fact, it’s our backup camera now. After a year of shooting with it and realizing that it didn’t work as well in dark places, like at night or in dimly lit churches, I then purchased the Nikon d800. This camera is a beast. Literally – my hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder cramp after carrying it around on a wedding day all day, but man oh man do I love the images I get from it. Now let me stop right here and say the camera does NOT make the photographer. Whether you have a d5200 or a d800 it’s only as good as the photographer is! We have a saying in the photography world, when someone says, “Man! I bet that camera takes nice photos!” we photographers reply, “Yep! I taught it everything it knows!” And it’s so true! Yes my d800 functions better in low light, but with my d7000 I KNOW how to get it to work in low light too and if I’m ever without my d800 the d7000 will get the job done! Is the quality as good as the d800? No, but it gets the job done and I can get it pretty close! 😉

So Usbec and I have 3 cameras we take on a wedding day – the Nikon d800 (mine), the Nikon d750 (it’s new and it’s glorious!!) (Usbec’s), and the Nikon d7000 (the backup).

wedding photography gear, nikon d800wedding photography gear, nikon d750wedding photography gear, nikon d7000

Next come the lenses!


The widest angle we have (for now) 😉 is the 35mm. This lens is one of my favorites! It allows me to get wide shots during the reception or the getting ready portion of the day, but I also use it for full shots of the ceremony and I use it to get the scenery in photography gear, sigma 35


The next lens is the 50mm. This was the first prime lens I bought. Prime lenses are lenses that have a fixed focal length. They don’t zoom in and out and they’re so sharp and crisp! I use the 50mm for portraits mainly – bridal party, a few bride and groom shots, family photos, photography gear, nikon 50mm


Next up is the 85mm. It’s also a favorite! It gives a beautiful blurry background, the subject in the photo is extra sharp, and it’s just so dreamy! I LOVE this lens! I use it mainly for bride and groom portraits, individual portraits, and smaller ceremonies. I also break it out for a few minutes of the first dances and the First photography gear, nikon 85mm


The 105 macro is also beautiful. I use it mainly for detail photos but I’ve also been known to use it during ceremonies and photography gear, nikon 105mm


Last but not least is the 70-200. This lens is HEAVY! Therefore I don’t use it a ton during the wedding day, but I do use it for ceremonies and First Looks. It’s perfect for when I’m not able to stand too close to the subject and I need to zoom in on them a little photography gear, tamron 70-200


Also in our bags on a wedding day you’ll find a ton of other things! We have 3 speedlights, a shoot through umbrella to help diffuse the flash so it isn’t so harsh, triggers to help our cameras and flashes all work together, tons of extra batteries and memory cards, battery chargers just in case!, etc. We also have a few other odds and ends like chapstick, extra shoes, sunscreen, and plenty of water!!

And yes, carrying it all on wedding days does give us permission to take extra naps the day after a wedding. 😉 Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post!



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