Torin is 2 months already!  I never knew I could function on so little sleep, go so long without eating breakfast, and love a tiny little human as much as I love Torin. This has been a fun month! This month Torin started smiling at us for real, found his hand and prefers to suck it over a pacifier, FINALLY gave us almost a 6 hour stretch of sleep (this happened Monday night actually!), and has started cooing! The past week he’s actually been content to lay in his pack and play while I get ready for the day and he just babbles to himself. It’s so cute…until he shrieks so loud I jump out of my skin and Quimby comes running to make sure we’re ok! But when I go over to check on him he’s laying there smiling. 🙂

Here’s a few of his 2 month photos and a couple photos I snapped throughout the month!Torin got to see some of his great aunts and uncles this month!

Torin isn’t in this photo but we can’t forget little Quimby!

Talking to Dude and Granda!

He LOVES sucking on his hand!

Play time with Daddy!

I love the faces he makes and all his little grunts and stretches when he’s trying to wake up!

Look at that smile!!!!!!!


Things I want to remember from his second month:

His smiles! Torin has really started smiling this month! I remember the first time he smiled at Usbec, it was so sweet. I loved seeing Usbec getting so excited that Torin had just smiled at him! A week after that, Usbec had taken Torin to let me get an extra hour or 2 of sleep and when I went to join them again Usbec was changing Torin. I walked in and said “Hi Torin!” and he smiled so big at me. My heart exploded. <3 He’s been smiling more and more ever since and it melts our hearts every darn time.

Torin still leaves his hands folded together every now and then when I’m nursing him, but he’s also started stroking my arm or my side (wherever his hand is at the time) and it’s so, so sweet.

He’s still growing so fast. At his 1 month appointment he had gained 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks and 2 weeks after that he had gained another 2 pounds!! He’s definitely getting bigger but he still feels so small. I love how he fits perfectly on my chest still but he’s also big enough that he can somewhat wrap his arm around my neck a little. It’s the sweetest little hug ever!

This month Torin started being able to self sooth himself to sleep. The first time it happened I put him in his swing while he was wide awake fully expecting him to be crying before my oatmeal was finished cooking, but 30 minutes later he was sound alseep!

This month mom and dad came to visit one weekend and we got up really early to go shopping – probably not the smartest decision when you’re completely sleep deprived, but Mom and Dad got to give him a bottle for the first time and we got him out of his stroller for a little bit to let him finish his bottle while we were shopping. It was so sweet to see my dad as such a proud grandpa, or Dude as he’s chosen to be called ;). He carried him around the mall for a little bit and mom and I looked over once and saw him just staring and smiling at Torin – it’s so sweet to get to see my parents with him. They love him so much!

Usbec has gotten lots of great daddy – son time this month. Usbec works a lot of long hours but on his days off he’s been getting up early with Torin and taking him so I can get a little extra sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and recharged and I love getting to hear Usbec talk about all the sweet faces and sounds Torin made and the fun they had together.

He gets the most out of his yawns! He opens his mouth so wide and they last a good few seconds before he makes the cutest sound as he’s finishing.

He loves getting to spend time with Dude early on Saturday and Sunday mornings when they visit and he loves when Granda sings to him! And if he’s a little fussy, Granda’s sweet pats on his little bottom help calm him down.

He’s developed quite the double chin and chubby cheeks and we love it!

He’s getting so strong at tummy time and can lift his head up and look around the room now!

I still love nursing him! The first couple weeks are a little tough, but we’ve got a good rhythm down now and I LOVE getting to spend that extra time with him.

This month he found his hands! He sometimes seem to prefer sucking on his hands instead of a pacifier! 😉

He still loves his swing. There’s a mirror hanging from the top and he LOVES to see himself in it. Usbec and I get a kick out of him smiling at himself all the time!




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