It’s so hard to believe just a little over a month ago we had no idea what our little boy would look like! Usbec and I used to stay up late talking about how we hoped he had hair and we hoped he had blue eyes – and he has both of those things! I can’t believe we’re parents! A family of 4 (counting Quimby of course)! Torin Xander Frausto made his appearance Thursday, September 21 at 7lb 7oz. Usbec and I left for the hospital at 6:30am and about 2 hours later my water broke. 11 hours later Torin was here! And we were instantly in love with him.

There was a season of our lives where Usbec and I feared we’d never be able to have a baby. But now we do and I can’t thank God enough for him. He’s changed our lives so much already and I know our life will never look the same again. It’s better, it’s fuller, it’s happier, and it’s already filled with more sweet memories than I could have imagined. Just last week Torin smiled for the first time. I mean he really smiled. He’s smiled since the day he was born in his sleep, it’s a reflex. But last week he actually smiled and it was the BEST thing ever! And in his sleep when he smiles now, sometimes he makes this little sound that sounds like a laugh and when you look at him his smile stretches across his whole face, just like his Daddy’s does. Usbec spent 9 months saying he hoped Torin had my blue eyes and I spent 9 months hoping Torin had Usbec’s wide smile that lights up his whole face. And he does! And we’re so thankful for little details like that. God is so good ya’ll. I can’t believe he’s blessed us with Torin.

6:30am ready to head to the hospital! I was more excited than I’ve ever been, but I was also completely and totally terrified! I can’t describe the fear I had about childbirth but it kept me up at night for months! I’d break out into tears at the dinner table just thinking about it. But the Lord is good and though it hurt like you wouldn’t believe it was worth it!

Once my contractions really kicked in Usbec never left my side. For 11 hours he was there rubbing my back, giving me ice chips (darn those hospitals! all I wanted was a glass of water!), and encouraging me. There’s no way on earth I could have done it without him. And when the pain got really bad, my mom stepped in to help remind me to breath. I’m so, so thankful for them both!

Our baby boy is here!!

Proud Daddy! I’ve never been more thankful for him. The photo below will forever make me cry. He’s the best man in the world.

Now, I’ve always thought I had the best parents, but there’s no denying they’re the best grandparents. I LOVE to see them interact with Torin. They’ve been to visit every weekend except one and I’m so thankful for that! My mom actually came to stay with us the first 3 weeks, too!  Usbec and I loved having her here and we are so thankful for every minute she spent with us those first few weeks. She cooked meals for us, kept our house clean, allowed us to get a few naps in, and spent time just loving on Torin! We’re so thankful she was able to stay with us!

Aunt Selinda!! Torin needs a cousin to play with, Selinda!

This was Torin’s first bottle. Torin is exclusively breastfed and it’s gone so well. I’m beyond thankful for that because I know so many women aren’t that lucky. We introduced a bottle a couple weeks after Torin was born so that Usbec could feed him some too. He doesn’t get them often, but it’s such a sweet time for Usbec to get to feed him.

The first week after Torin was born my mom took some photos of the three of us and I took some newborn photos of Torin. I can’t believe how much he’s grown already!! At his 2 week appointment he was already back up to his birth weight and by his 1 month appointment he had gained 2lbs in less than 2 weeks!

And these photos below are Torin’s 1 month photos! How in the world is he 1 month already?? He’ll actually be 6 weeks this Thursday, but these photos were taken the day he turned 1 month.

Usbec and I love being parents to this handsome little boy and we’re soaking up every single moment!

I saw another photographer post things she wants to remember and some of her child’s favorite things for each month and I LOVE that idea so I’m stealing it for Torin! I know there’ll be so much I want to remember each month and what better way to do it than on here since I’m not the type to write in a journal or anything. Though who knows, I may end up going back and putting all these memories in a small book for me to look back on one day!

Things I want to remember from Torin’s 1st Month:

The way he makes an “Elvis face” when he needs to do his business 😉

The way he folds his hands together when I’m nursing him. He crosses his fingers together and it’s the sweetest thing!

When Usbec got to give him his first bottle.

All the many faces he makes in his sleep! His smiles are my favorite though!

The 3rd night we were home from the hospital he wouldn’t eat and refused to eat for about 20 hours. When I finally got him to eat though it was the sweetest moment and I was reminded that even though I may have nights where I don’t sleep at all (that night was my first all nighter since college!) God is always with us! I sang “Jesus Loves Me” to him and we both cried together!

The 3 weeks my mom stayed with us! I can’t even say how helpful it was to have her there the first 3 weeks. We enjoyed every moment with her and are so thankful she got to stay with us!

How fiercely and quickly I loved him! When family came over to visit, I missed him so much my heart hurt when other people were holding him.

All the family who came to visit him! His aunts and uncles, great grandmother, a couple neighbors. Torin is so loved already!

His first bath! Torin LOVES getting bathed!

How blue his eyes are. We talk all the time about how we hope they don’t change but for now his eyes are blue, like the deep part of the ocean blue and they’re the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen!

Seeing Usbec as a Dad! He’s the best Dad in the world! I love hearing him sing to Torin and I love at night how Usbec gets Torin to sleep on his stomach while we’re watching tv.

Taking Torin to the doctor for the first time. He did so great! Dr. Glover said we’re going to have a talker on our hands because of how vocal Torin is.

Torin’s favorite things are : lights (light fixtures and window light)

His nursery – he loves being changed but he hates having clothes put over his head! His changing table is set up so that he can see out the window though and he loves it!

Sleeping on his stomach on our chests and being cradled in our arms with his stomach against ours. He falls asleep almost instantly this way!

Eating! This boy can eat! At our 1 month doctors appointment he had gained 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks! The doctors were impressed!

Having his hands near his face whether he’s awake or sleeping, but definitely when he’s sleeping!

He also loves sleeping on his side! We lay him flat on his back and he almost always rolls over to his side when he isn’t swaddled.



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