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10 Must Have Wedding Registry Items

10 wedding registry must haves

Today I’m sharing 10 Must Have Items for your Wedding Registry! These are items you probably won’t see on most other wedding registry lists! After Usbec and I got engaged, registering for our wedding was one of the things I was MOST excited about! 2 hours into our time at Bed Bath and Beyond and we were overwhelmed, tired, and hungry! Man that store has A LOT! So many options, but also, how do you know what needs to be on your registry??

Obviously you need things like dishes, bedding, towels, etc. And believe me when I say you’ll register for plenty of things you think you’ll need but they’ll sit in your cabinets forever! One day I’ll do a blog post on things we registered for and almost never use! But today I’m sharing 10 items I think should be on EVERY wedding registry!! These are 10 items that we use all the time, but unfortunately, we didn’t have most of these things on our registry.

  • Amazon Echo / Amazon Fire TV / Amazon Echo Dot – Oh my word. We currently have 4 in our home and we use them ALL DAY LONG! I’m not kidding! I use it for cooking questions, asking about the weather, we have it set to turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, control the tv, and we always have music on for Torin! When we lived with my mom and dad for a few months it was such an adjustment for me to have to get out my phone to figure out random things. I always found myself saying, “Alexa!” before I remembered they don’t have them all over their house like we do! Haha! I thought Usbec was crazy when he bought the first one, but they’re honestly so helpful!!

Amazon Alexa Devices

  • Trash Can – I feel like this is something most people forget to put on their registry, but don’t forget this! We have a nice stainless steel one that we eneded up finding at TJ Maxx now, but we had a little plastic one that smelled bad FOREVER because we didn’t have this on our registry and we just didn’t want to buy a nice expensive one.
  • Tupperware – I have some that I got from Ross that are glass and I LOVE them! They’re not actually the Tupperware brand, but that’s what my family calls all food storage containers, haha! But don’t forget to put a set on your registry! You’ll most likely have leftovers after most meals if you cook like us, so don’t forget the Tupperware set!
  • Yeti – Ya’ll, Usbec and I both just got our own Yeti’s in the past few months but we use them DAILY! I have the Yeti Rambler 14oz mug in teal and Usbec has a 20oz in navy. We LOVE them!! I make Usbec a cup of coffee to take to work with him almost every morning and I use mine during Torin’s nap time every day!

My Yeti – 14 oz Yeti Rambler Mug

  • External Hard Drive – Let’s be honest, photo storage is something a lot of people don’t keep up with very well. Why would we? Our phones make it so easy to have everything right there with us. But don’t forget to get an external hard drive. You can use it for your engagement photos, wedding photos, anniversary and vacation photos, etc. No matter what system your photographer uses to deliver your images, you’ll want to make sure you have a backup copy! So you’ll NEED an external hard drive!

Click here to read about what to do with your wedding images!

  • Yard / House Care Items – Our wedding registry was FILLED with kitchen items. We got tons of things (some I use all the time, some I’ve still never used 5 years later). But we didn’t think to add yard care items! Over the past 5 years Usbec has bought what we needed, but it would have been so great to have some of these items on our registry. Things like a weed eater, hand tools, shovel, rake, water hose, gloves, hedge trimmers, etc.
  • Extra set of Bed Sheets – Just register for 2…or 3. I promise there will come a time when you wash the sheets and you forget to put them in the dryer. And when that happens, being able to pull out that extra set will be a huge blessing! The Threshold brand from Target is THE BEST!

Target Threshold Sheets

  • Organizing / Storage Bins – We have Christmas items, different seasonal decor, Torin’s clothes he’s outgrown that I want to keep, extras, etc. that stay in storage from time to time. No matter what it is, there will be things you’ll need to keep in storage and having those big storage boxes will be a lifesaver. Also, organizing bins have been a huge help! I have our toiletry items, pantry goods, medicines, and we even have organizing bins in our laundry room, drawers, etc. It helps keep the clutter at bay and helps things look neater and more organized. I got most of these from Ikea and the Dollar Store!

Ikea Skubb Storage Boxes

  • Grill – It was a good day when we bought our grill!! We love grilling meat for tacos, veggies, steaks, burgers, etc. We used it all the time last summer and I’m so excited to use it again this year! Have an Amazon registry? That’s where we bought ours and we love it!
  • Patio table and chairs – we spent half the Spring, Summer, and Fall outside on our porch last year. If people came over and the weather was nice, we sat outside. If Torin was napping, we’d sit outside. When it warmed up, Torin played outside on the porch. If we grilled out, we ate outside. So much of our time was spent on our porch having good conversation! We got our patio table and chairs from my parents, but I know so many people who have bought one after they got married. This is definitely a must have for your wedding registry! If your porch isn’t covered, don’t forget to register for the umbrella too!

So there ya have it friends! 10 Must Have Items for Your Wedding Registry!

May 14, 2019



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