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10 Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

10 Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer (And My Answers!)

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How long have you been in the photography business?

I started photography back in 2012! I started with families that Fall then I photographed my first wedding in the Summer of 2013! I had NO CLUE what to expect. I spent HOURS studying from other photographers, asking my photographer friends questions, and using my camera on anyone who’d let me! When the day for my first wedding came along, I had the best time! I went home that night knowing I had found my calling! Since then, I’ve only fallen more in love with it! It’s such an honor to get to spend such a special day with a couple and their family!

Will you be the one photographing my wedding?

Yes! I know there are several photographers out there who operate out of a bigger business – whether they work for a company or whether they started out as a one person business but have since added on associate photographers. We are a husband and wife photography team and you can bet that we will be the ones photographing your wedding!! What I love about this is that it allows me to get to know you from start to finish! I get to book you, I get to email and chat over the phone with you along the way, I get to photograph your other sessions – it’s only fitting that I would be the one to share your wedding day with you!

How would you describe your photography style?

Would you guys believe I actually turned down a paying wedding at a dream location because I could sense the bride had a different style in mind than what I produce? There are so many different photography styles out there! Dark and moody, film, vintage/more sepia toned, bright and airy, clean and colorful. I would say mine is a mix of the bright and airy and the clean and colorful. I like to have natural skin tones, I like to have the color pop a little bit, and I like that final photo to be one that is true to what things looked like on the wedding day! We also do a mix of candid vs posed photos.

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Are you digital or film?

Digital!! I don’t have the patience to wait until film scans can get back to me. Haha! But also, I love the color I’m able to get with digital and I mostly love the fact that I can work quickly with digital. I have absolutely nothing against film. In fact, one of my best friends is a film photographer and I’m obsessed with her work!! It’s just not for me though because I like being able to take a ton of photos throughout the day and not have to be slowed down constantly changing out the film. I also know I’m able to get more photos than I probably would with film because of that.

What do your packages look like?

Currently, I have 2 packages. A smaller, intimate type wedding package that comes with 6 hours on the wedding day and an engagement session. And an 8 hour wedding day package that comes with an engagement session and bridal session. Our 8 hour package is the most popular and the one that allows us to get photos from the getting ready portion of your day to the reception! All wedding packages and sessions include an online gallery of your images and a print release so that you can print your photos til your heart’s content!

Do you offer videography?

I have received this question often! While I know that there are a few photographers who offer videography out there, we do not. We specialize in photography and that’s the only thing we offer so that we can make sure we serve you in the best way! We’ve talked about playing around with videography a little bit, but at this time we’re sticking solely with photography. If we offered both, I feel like our service would be lacking a little bit since we wouldn’t be able to fully focus on only one type. If that makes sense! We know several AWESOME videographers and we’d love to refer you to them though!!

Can we request a list of poses we like?

ABSOLUTELY!! I love seeing Pinterest boards of things my couples love. That being said though, I use those photos for inspiration. It’s important to remember that every insanely gorgeous photo you see on Pinterest probably had everything working in it’s favor – an ideal location, the perfect light, the right timing,the perfect dress to match the scenery, etc. It’s impossible to fully mimic someone else’s photo. Not to mention, each couple is completely different and unique. So yes, send me a Pinterest board of images you like if you want to! But know that I’ll use them only as inspiration to create gorgeous photos of the two of you!

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Why have 2 photographers if you won’t split up during the day?

I get this question sometimes when couples are hoping to fit in 14 hours of coverage in only 8 hours. Usbec and I are a husband and wife team. I’m the lead photographer and he’s the second photographer. Because of that, and because I’m the main face behind Melinda Sheree Photography, I will make sure to photograph every part of your wedding day! Usbec’s role as the second photographer is to capture different angles, different emotion, different composition, different details, etc. than I do. So while I may be getting a standard, traditional shot of the bride and groom, Usbec may be zooming in getting a detail photo of your bouquet or of the two of you holding hands. The only time we split up on a wedding day is when a bride and groom are getting ready at the same location. I actually photograph both of them getting ready, but once I go in to the bridal suite with the bride, Usbec almost always stays with the Groom.
While we could technically split up and get multiple things photographed at once, we don’t do it that way so that you have a different variety of photos! Photographing together the way we do allows us to deliver a large mix of candid vs posed photos!

How are our images delivered?

I upload the final edited images to a software called CloudSpot. It’s an online gallery that allows you to download and share your photos with all of your friends and family! It also includes a print release so that you’re able to print all of your photos yourself!

What happens after the wedding?

After the wedding, you go on your honeymoon and I get started on your images!! You can expect to see your wedding day hit the blog soon with several of our favorites from your day! Once the final gallery is complete, you’ll receive an email with the link so you can enjoy all of your photos! Don’t forget to reach out to us when it gets close to your 1st Anniversary!! We love offering discounted sessions to our couples for the 1 year anniversary!

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