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3 Tips for Making Your Getting Ready Photos Flawless

tips for wedding getting ready photos

I love the first parts of a wedding day. Usbec and I arrive, scope out the venue (even if we’ve been there before, because light can be different based on the time and the season), we go in and greet the bride and her girls, start taking bridal detail photos, and take photos of the bride and her girls getting ready. Every wedding is a little different. Some bridal suites are loud and busy and full of laughter, food and drinks. Other bridal suites are more quiet, with soft music playing in the background. No matter the atmosphere I have 3 tips on how to get gorgeous getting ready photos!

  1. Make sure the room is tidy!

I know, when there’s lots of girls in the bridal suite, there’s also lots of duffel bags, food trays, bottled waters, etc. One of the best ways to make sure you get gorgeous photos of this portion of the day is to make sure the room is tidy when we arrive. No, you don’t have to have everything completely CLEAN, but do make sure that things are semi straightened up. My best tip is to have everything in one corner or on one side of the room. If there’s a bare wall somewhere, try to put everything on the opposite side of that wall. When we come in we may move it depending on the set up of the room, though. We want to be sure that you have a clean background and natural light from a window falling over you. That way you and your girls are the focus of the photo, not the items in the background!

bride getting ready at Chattanooga bed and breakfast

2. Make sure there’s natural light in your bridal suite!

This is the best tip! If you don’t follow either of the other 2 tips, at least follow this one! I know of several wedding venues that don’t have any windows (or only a very small one) in the bridal suite. If that’s the case with your venue you have 2 options. 1. Book a nearby hotel (air b-n-b, a home on, or use a relative’s home) that does have windows. 2. Have your “getting ready” photos outside. You can slip on your dress to walk outdoors, but then we’ll have your mom or a bridesmaid close up the back once we’re out there. We can bring out a chair for you to sit in to put on shoes, and you can even put on your jewelry out there as well. I’m telling you ladies, natural light is your bff and you NEED it in your getting ready photos! 🙂 And bonus: Don’t be surprised when I turn off all the lights and just have the window light lighting up the room! This little trick instantly gets rid of that orange or yellow color cast the overhead lighting is putting off!

bride getting ready with mom at Jonesborough tn wedding venue storybook farm

3. Have your mom and your girls dressed in their dresses before you step into your dress!

This is just the icing on the cake. If you have natural light and a clean background, you’ll also want your girls to be in their dresses to help add a level of sophistication to your photos that can’t be reached when there are blue jeans and t-shirts in the photos. PLUS, having them in their dresses will instantly increase the look of your wedding album and make sure that your images flow together because you’ll have your wedding colors in those images as well!

Alright ladies! Those are my 3 tips for making sure your getting ready photos look flawless!

May 16, 2019



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