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Benefits of a Second Photographer | Husband and Wife Photographers

I think it’s so important to have a second photographer, especially on your wedding day! In fact, I think it’s so important that 3 years ago this year, Usbec joined Melinda Sheree Photography as my assistant photographer!

I remember coming home after that first wedding and being so excited to look through Usbec’s photos. Ya’ll, the VERY FIRST WEDDING he photographed with me, I ended up using a TON of his photos! I was so impressed!! And I was so excited that he had taken an interest in photography. Later on that year we started advertising that our packages came with 2 photographers on the wedding day and we haven’t looked back since. I love getting to work with Usbec! First off, it’s just fun to get to spend the day with him. But also, he sees things differently than me and gets angles and compositions that I would never think to get.

Why it’s important to have 2 photographers on your wedding day:

1. The lead photographer gets the must haves while the second gets the creative shots.

During bride and groom photos I always start with the traditional poses. Then once I’ve gotten those, I have the opportunity to be more creative in my posing, compositions, angles, lighting, etc. A second photographer, for the most part, only thinks of those types of photos. So while I’m photographing that traditional pose of the bride and groom and making sure I get their whole bodies in the photo, Usbec is probably focusing more on the bride’s ring or the bouquet she’s holding.

2. Having a second photographer produces more photos.
This one really doesn’t need an explanation. 2 photographers can obviously take more photos than 1 photographer. 🙂

3. With 2 photographers there’s less of a chance something would be missed.
When I was photographing weddings alone, I had so many brides ask how I would take photos of the bride coming down the aisle and photos of the groom’s reaction. My answer was that I would try my best! Haha, but on a more serious note (and yes, of course the couples were allowed to add on a second photographer if they wanted!) I would be switching back and forth between taking photos of the groom and photos of the bride.  It worked, but it obviously works better when there’s two photographers. Usbec can get photos of the groom with his long lens from the back of the aisle while I’m photographing the bride from the front of the aisle. Once we know we’ve got the photos we need, Usbec can then take photos of the bride from his angle and I can get photos of the groom from my angle. That way, nothing gets missed AND you have photos from 2 different angles of each person!

4.The lead photographer has an “assistant”.
This one sounds like it’s just beneficial for the lead photographer, but it really does benefit the bride as well! So, when I was working by myself, I had to carry all of my gear while doing ALL the other things! This included, dress fluffing, calling out names for family photos, making sure everyone was where they needed to be, keeping an eye on hair and makeup, directing posing, actually taking the photographs, etc. But with a second photographer, I’m able to accomplish more and make sure that I bring my A game the entire day. Our main bag that we keep with us through the day is heavy, ya’ll! And it can wear you down very quickly if you’re photographing with it over your shoulder all day! Being able to share that weight helps us both stay energetic throughout the whole day and night. Usbec also helps set up our lighting gear for the reception so that I can still go around photographing things at the same time. He helps fluff the dresses, helps make sure everything looks right during photos, etc., etc. He’s a complete life saver and because of him our couples are able to get MORE photos, have 2 sets of eyes making sure they look great, get AWESOME veil toss photos, have more variety in their images, have 2 energetic photographers even at the end of the night, and SO MUCH MORE!!

5. You get more photos in less amount of time.
I’m about to show some photos that were taken at almost the exact same time. You may notice in some photos that they’re just a little bit different. Maybe the couple is kissing in one and smiling in the other. But each of these sets of photos were taken within 10 seconds of each other. Most of them are also from completely different angles and so it looks like a totally different photo. Because of how we position ourselves during portrait time and the fact that there’s 2 of us, we’re able to get more photos in less time. For example, we had a wedding one year where we only got less than 10 minutes for bride and groom portrait time! 6 minutes to be exact! There were multiple reasons as to why that happened, weather being one of them, but thank goodness we usually get 45 minutes! We did 6 different poses and were able to deliver almost 40 completely different images!! IN 6 MINUTES!! Yes I made little tweaks, like having the bride look out to the side and laughing a little while the groom smiled at her, then I’d have them keep their bodies the exact same but turn to look at me with a more serious expression. All while I’m shuffling around like crazy trying to get close ups and far back shots. So I was able to give variety on my own, but having Usbec there allowed them to get more images that looked totally different because of the angle he was at and lens he was using.

6. If the day runs off track, Usbec is able to step in and get photos when needed.
Usually, Usbec and I stay together throughout the entire day. We do this for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that I’m the lead photographer and he’s a second photographer. I think it’s important for me to be able to photograph each moment of the day. And as a second photographer, Usbec is there to get more and different photos than I’m able to get. If we split up and he only got photos of the guys and I only got photos of the girls, then what would be the point in a second photographer? There wouldn’t be many of the more candid or detailed photos. However, when the situation calls for it, Usbec is able to take photos of something I’m unable to. For example, say hair and makeup run a little behind, or say the bride decides to do a first look with her dad at the last minute and I’m supposed to be photographing the guys finishing up getting ready at that time. Usbec can get photos of the guys while I stay with the girls.

I can’t speak highly enough of having Usbec as my second photographer. He’s talented, he’s professional, he’s a huge help and a wonderful asset to Melinda Sheree Photography. I’m so thankful that we’re a husband and wife team because I truly feel that it helps us serve our clients so much better!

This photo was Sarah’s first look with her dad. Usbec captured the overall scene while I was focused more on her dad.
Second Photographer_0001.jpg
If you saw these two photos on their own, you may think they were taken at 2 completely different times or maybe even a different area. But these were taken within 5 second of each other!
Second Photographer_0004.jpg
These photos were taken within 2 seconds of each other but they look like a different area. In one photo the light is a little softer and the train tracks are in the background. But in the other photo the light is a little more contrasted and sharp and all you see is greenery.
Second Photographer_0005.jpg
Second Photographer_0006.jpg
These are great examples of the detail photos Usbec gets!
Second Photographer_0002.jpg
Second Photographer_0003.jpg
Second Photographer_0007.jpg
Second Photographer_0031.jpg
Second Photographer_0039.jpg
Second Photographer_0043.jpg
Second Photographer_0046.jpg
These photos are different angles. They may all show the whole scene, but they look like totally different photos because of where we each were standing!
Second Photographer_0008.jpg
Second Photographer_0009.jpg
Second Photographer_0010.jpg
Second Photographer_0012.jpg
Second Photographer_0013.jpg
Second Photographer_0015.jpg
Second Photographer_0017.jpg
Second Photographer_0020.jpg
Second Photographer_0022.jpg
Second Photographer_0024.jpg
Second Photographer_0029.jpg
Second Photographer_0025.jpg
Second Photographer_0040.jpg
Second Photographer_0036.jpg
Second Photographer_0034.jpg
Second Photographer_0038.jpg
Second Photographer_0041.jpg
Second Photographer_0042.jpg
Second Photographer_0044.jpg
Second Photographer_0045.jpg
Second Photographer_0047.jpg
Second Photographer_0033.jpg
Second Photographer_0032.jpg
Second Photographer_0016.jpg
Second Photographer_0018.jpg
These are some of my favorites because I think they really show the difference we can get!
Both of these are pulled back shots and the same pose, but Usbec’s photo is filled with the beautiful Fall color while mine shows a totally different composition.
Second Photographer_0021.jpg
This one shows the overall scene at the front of the aisle while my photo focuses on Heidi’s dad.
Second Photographer_0023.jpg
My photo here shows Sydney and her dad but I also got the mountains and trees in the background while Usbec’s is only focusing on her dad.
Second Photographer_0014.jpg
I love how these are both close up shots but Usbec’s looks so much more candid since Jillian and William aren’t looking at the camera.
Second Photographer_0019.jpg
I have to show a few sessions on here instead of just weddings because when Usbec is able to, he goes with me to sessions to photograph too!
Second Photographer_0026.jpg
Second Photographer_0027.jpg
Second Photographer_0028.jpg
I’m sure most would never guess, but these photos were taken at the same time, too! We were standing at just the right angle to I could get Shari and Dustin walking towards me and Usbec could get them walking away.
Second Photographer_0030.jpg
I LOVE this one from Shari and Dustin’s wedding, too! I was taking a photo of her bouquet and Usbec asked her to look over her shoulder so he could get a photo of her!
Second Photographer_0037.jpg
And last but not least, I love how this one shows a pulled back, more traditional pose, while Usbec’s photo is more candid!
Second Photographer_0011.jpg

January 23, 2019



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