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The Biggest Groom Detail Overlooked

Oh the boutonnieres! They seem like such a simple little thing, but they can cause so much stress on a wedding day! I know you’re wondering how a small flower could cause stress, so let me tell you! Early on in my wedding photography career, I never thought about them. We’d get photos of the guys getting ready and then we’d go outside to get photos of them as a group. It was at that point that we’d realize they didn’t have their boutonnieres and so we’d send someone in to go get them. Then we’d take SO MUCH time putting them on! I quickly realized they were not a small detail to be overlooked and realized we needed to actually build some time in to the wedding day timeline for them!

So, that being said, here are my 3 tips for making sure that boutonnieres don’t put you behind on your timeline for the day!

Appoint someone to be in charge of the boutonnieres.

This is the biggest tip! When no one has been asked to help with this it often leads to the guys trying to help each other with it or it falls on the photographers. Now I’ll be the first to say, I don’t mind stepping in to help in ANY way I can on a wedding day! Our duties often go far beyond just being a photographer. BUT, if you can appoint someone to pin on the boutonnieres, the day will flow so much smoother! The photographers are often getting photos of the bride getting ready during this time and so if you have someone set to pin the boutonnieres on, we can get a few more photos of the bride!

Set a time for the boutonnieres to be pinned on.

This allows the guys to know what time they need to be fully dressed and allows the “boutonniere pinner” to know what time they need to be there to get started so that the photography timeline stays on track!

Make sure the “Boutonniere Pinner” knows how to pin on the boutonniere.

This should go without saying, but so very, very often we see someone there to help and then it still ends up taking up our groom and groomsmen portrait time because they aren’t sure how it’s supposed to be done either. Here are a few tips:

  • The boutonniere should be on the left lapel, your right if you’re facing the groomsman.
  • It should be just under his shoulder or so. Don’t put it too high or it will compete with his face in photos.
  • Hold the boutonniere against the lapel and put the pin in through the back of the lapel at the top. The pin should go down through the flower and out the back side of the lapel on the bottom.

PRO TIPS – Ask your florist to send a few extra pins. We’ve seen them get bent or the boutonniere may be a little heavier than usual and require two pins. Either way though, make sure there’s 2 for each guy and a couple extras just in case.

THE BEST PRO TIP – Ever see boutonnieres being pinned on on tv and it looks like it takes them about 5 seconds?? That’s because they used a magnet instead of a pin! Ask your florist if this is something they carry!

June 10, 2019



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