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My Biggest Wedding Day Regret

Ok, let me first explain the title of this post. Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life! I loved everything about it! And honestly, even if everything we had planned for the day had gone wrong it still would be one of the best days of my life because it’s the day I married Usbec. That being said, if there’s one thing I could change about the day it would be that we would have hired a videographer.

I remember when I was younger and one of my cousins got married. When they got their wedding video back they brought it over to my Mammaw’s house and we all got to watch it. I remember thinking I HAD to have a videographer at our wedding! However, when we were actually planning our wedding we realized there wasn’t much room in the budget for a one. So we had a friend come and just set up a Go Pro for us. I’m very thankful we have that and Usbec and I have watched that little video on our anniversary every year! But I can’t help but wish that we had a real video from a professional videographer of our whole day. Yes we have the photos and they’re beautiful! But I would love to have a professional video to go with those photos to be able to pull out on our anniversary every year. A lot of professional videographers will include messages from the bride and the groom to each other, snippets of parent speeches, the ceremony, and then just live video throughout the day. I would LOVE to have that from our wedding day!

Usbec and I love video so much that we’re taking videos of Torin as he grows and hopefully one day I’ll add them all together somehow! A lot of them are iphone videos because that’s what we usually have near us when Torin does something cute, but I’m getting a little better about leaving the camera out to capture good quality video as well. Photos are so great to have (obviously I’m passionate about photos since I’m a wedding PHOTOGRAPHER! 😉 ) but video is so special too!

So, so all you brides out there don’t have the same regret I do, I’m sharing 2 of our favorite videographers that we’ve worked with recently!

LionCat Media

Anthony with LionCat Media is so much fun to work with! It’s so important that videographers and photographers can work together smoothly on a wedding day! We’re in close quarters all day long. I’ve heard sad stories of some photographers and videographers competing to get the shot when in reality we all should be working TOGETHER!! We’re both there to serve the couple on the wedding day! I’m saying this because both Anthony and Skip (below) are amazing to work with!! Not only for us but for the couple as well! We worked with Anthony at Meah and Kai’s wedding. He did such a great job! Here’s a link to their video : Meah & Kai Wedding Video  We loved how Anthony directed and posed Meah and Kai during part of the day. He is so good at directing them in a way that gets natural and real laughs! And we were able to get a few more photos from it at the same time! We LOVE getting to work with LionCat Media and can’t wait for the next time!

LionCat Media Facebook PageMeredith valley farm wedding, Elizabethton tn wedding photographer Meredith valley farm wedding, Elizabethton tn wedding photographer

148 Films

Skip of 148 Films was also great to work with! We met him and his wife Emily when we worked Jordan and Hunter’s wedding together. We had a blast with them! Emily and I went together to get photos and video of Jordan getting ready and Usbec and Skip stayed to get photos and video of Hunter. We loved how Skip made sure to get an “interview” of Hunter and Jordan individually and I loved getting to hear that in their video! Here’s a link to it: Hunter & Jordan Wedding Video  We got to work with Skip again at a wedding this past September and we had the best time! Ya’ll should see his drone footage! Stinkin’ amazing!

Click here to view 148 Films Website pigeon forge tn wedding photographer, friendly falls wedding pigeon forge tn wedding photographer, friendly falls wedding

You will not be disappointed with either of these two videographers! 148 Films is located in Chattanooga, TN and LionCat Media is located in the Tri Cities. Both of them service the East TN area!

May 21, 2019



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