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Caleb & Makenzi | Married

Wow! Ya’ll it has been AGES since I’ve blogged!!! SO much has happened and I have a special blog post coming soon to tell you all about it! But today’s blog post is very special… and unique!

Today I’m sharing my cousin Caleb’s wedding. You may remember their AWESOME engagement session on Roan Mountain. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out at this link:

A Roan Mountain Engagement Session | Caleb & Makenzi

Now that you’ve seen that, let’s get on to the wedding!!! I had been so so excited to photograph their wedding! I was ecstatic when they reached out to me and asked me to photograph it! Then, we found out that I was pregnant!!!!! (Yes details are coming on a blog post soon!!) I called Caleb and Makenzi and told them I was due one month after their wedding date and so I would still be able to attend their wedding. We continued planning for the wedding, shot the engagement session, and then Covid-19 hit. I started checking in with my doctor weekly to make sure I’d be able to still photograph the wedding and checked in with Caleb and Makenzi often to stay updated of any changes to the wedding. However, it became abundantly clear that I would not be able to attend the wedding. My doctor HIGHLY suggested I make backup plans and have someone else shoot the wedding for me since we were so close to my due date.

In steps Michelle. Michelle photographed our wedding and she’s become a dear friend to me ever since. When she heard what was going on, she immediately offered to photograph the wedding for me with her assistant, Brooke. Ya’ll, find you a friend like Michelle. She’s selfless, she’s funny, she’s thoughtful, she’s a rockstar photographer. And I’m so so thankful for her and for Brooke! And I know Makenzi and Caleb are too!

I woke up in tears the morning of their wedding knowing I wasn’t going to get to go. I hated it so bad, but knowing Michelle and Brooke were there put me at ease and I KNEW Makenzi and Caleb would be so well taken care of!

So, while I don’t have personal stories to tell you about their wedding day, I do have the photos! Michelle and Brooke shot the wedding day and then I edited the photos. I worked so hard to get them all done before our new baby arrived and I actually finished them all the day before I went in to labor!! He’s now a week old and I finally feel somewhat energetic enough to put this blog post together! Haha!

Michelle and Brooke – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for stepping in to photograph this wedding. You will never know what it means to me! And thank you for being so good to Makenzi and Caleb on their special day.

Makenzi and Caleb – I can’t thank you guys enough for being so understanding, flexible, and incredibly kind! I’m so thrilled for you two and I wish you all the best! I love you both!!

Photographer – Michelle Lea Photographie

Wedding Coordinator – Tiffany Malloy

Florist – The Posy Shop

Videographer – Jake Hicks

Cake Artist – Cakes by Kathy

Makeup and Hair Artist – Samantha Maloney

Dresses – JJs House

Suits – Mens Wearhouse

Pastor – Pastor David Smith

July 8, 2020



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