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I am so excited to share this classic, navy Coopers Cove wedding in Townsend, TN with you today!! First off, you guys know our love for Cooper’s Cove!! They are amazing! We love everything about Cooper’s Cove – the owners, the views, the venue itself, it’s all so wonderful! So, you can imagine we were super excited to get to work there again this year with Bethany and Nathan!!

Ya’ll may remember Bethany and Nathan from their engagement session at Bays Mountain Park. Their engagement session was the first time we met them and we had a blast! We pretty much had the entire park to ourselves and it felt more like a double date than a photo session. We laughed with them the whole time and just had a ton of fun! They had told us a little about their family at their engagement session so we couldn’t wait to get to the wedding and meet everyone! As soon as I walked into the bridal suite, I knew it was going to be a good day! Bethany’s mom hugged me as soon as I walked in and Bethany’s bridesmaids were so sweet! I enjoyed spending time with them all and getting to know them throughout the day!

One of my favorite moments during the day was the sunset photos. Ya’ll know I love me some sunset photos!!!! Bethany, Nathan, and I snuck off for literally less than 10 minutes to get a couple of quick photos of them. I don’t think we had even planned to do this, but I saw the sun was setting and looked so beautiful and so I asked Bethany and Nathan if they were up to it. Of course they said yes and so we snuck away and were able to get just a few before the sun set too low. I LOVE when our couples are up for sneaking away for sunset photos!

Something else that I loved about their wedding was that they had a sweetheart table set up for them away from the rest of the reception. They got to spend a few minutes just the two of them enjoying their meal and Usbec and I, with our ninja like skills, got a few photos of it for them. So, so often, couples don’t get to eat at all on their wedding day. Or if they do, they’re being constantly interrupted for more photos, hugs, well wishes, reception events, etc. I LOVE that Bethany and Nathan got to take a few quiet minutes to enjoy some food and just soak in their wedding day together. How special is that??

Bethany and Nathan – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us at your wedding! We enjoyed every moment of it!! Congratulations to you both!!

Photographer – Melinda Sheree Photography
Venue – Cooper’s Cove at Heritage Park
Wedding Planner – Jackie Putnam
DJ – Tony Boring A+DJ Services
Hair Artist – Jill Stokes
Rental Company – Anderson Rental Company
Cake – Miss Lily’s Catering
Photo Booth – AVL Photo Booth

June 19, 2019



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