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Melinda Sheree Photography | 4 Ways We Serve Our Couples

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Hi! We’re Usbec and Sheree and we’re East Tennessee Wedding Photographers! Oh, but we’re also boutineer pinners, dress holders, family rounder-uppers, hair fixers, groom hiders (when the bride isn’t supposed to see him), time checkers, location scouters, posing teachers, nerve calmers, and on and on and on! We wear MANY different hats on a wedding day and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We entered this wedding photography business because, first, we felt like God called us into it, but also because we were in your shoes once and we want to be able to serve other engaged couples through wedding photography. So, what are some of the ways we do that??

1. We make sure you’re prepared!

We create a wedding day timeline for you! Yes you’ll get to fill out a questionnaire to help us know what all that timeline needs to include, but we take the hard part and make sure that it’s all set up in a way that will help your day flow most smoothly! Then, once you’ve approved it, we’ll send it out to all your vendors so everyone is on the same page!

2. We make sure the day flows smoothly even when the timeline is thrown off course.

Hey – it happens. We spend time creating the PERFECT timeline for you and then the day of the wedding something happens and suddenly we’re rearranging things. It doesn’t happen often at all, but when it does, we’ve got your backs! We know how we can rearrange the timeline a little to make sure everything runs perfectly smooth! And honestly, unless it’s something major, there’s a big chance that we work behind the scenes to fix things so that you never know anything went wrong! Like that time a flower girl was late or the bouquets arrived late? You don’t need to worry about those things! We’ve got it all taken care of!

3. We come prepared ourselves!

How on earth could we serve you well if we weren’t prepared ourselves?? We spend hours preparing for your wedding day! We make sure the timeline is printed off and correct. We make sure our batteries are all charged (including the 5 that are backup and we most likely won’t need!). We make sure our memory cards are all cleaned off and ready to go, and we make sure we have tons of extras! We make sure our cameras are cleaned and set up properly. We make sure to hydrate because no one wants a photographer who’s passed out in the hot sun! And we make sure our minds are in the right place and that we’re solely focused on serving you!

4. We think of ourselves as your best friends!

We may technically be hired photographers, but we know our job far exceeds that of just someone to take photos. We’re by your side for the entire day, so we get an inside look at anything and everything that could cause stress. We see it as our job to help ease your nerves, make sure everything goes smoothly, and make sure it’s a day you’ll never want to forget! And lastly, we pray for you – for your wedding day, for your family, for you as a couple, and for your marriage. We really do think of ourselves as your best friends!

March 11, 2019



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