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Hadley | 1 Year

One of life’s unanswered questions for me will always be, “Why do babies have to grow up so fast?” It truly feels just like yesterday that Usbec and I were photographing Whitney and Ronnie’s maternity session at a Christmas tree farm in Knoxville. And here I am blogging Hadley’s 1 year photo session already. This baby girl is one of the sweetest I’ve ever known. She’s always so smiley and happy and she has such a great personality and sweet spirit and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to document her first year. I can’t be surprised that she’s all those things because Whitney and Ronnie both are a couple that you just want to be around. They’re kind and thoughtful and ya’ll, they are the best parents to Hadley.

For this session, we ventured out on the farm at my parents’ house. It was cold and chilly. They’d been traveling in the car for a few hours, on their way back home from visiting family. But Hadley is a trooper!! She handled those outfit changes better than I would have and still smiled for us! She’s just so adorable and I can’t express what a joy it’s been to photograph her first year!
Gray TN Family Photographer_0001.jpg
Gray TN Family Photographer_0002.jpg
Gray TN Family Photographer_0004.jpg
Gray TN Family Photographer_0003.jpg
Gray TN Family Photographer_0006.jpg
Gray TN Family Photographer_0005.jpg
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February 7, 2019



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