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First Family Vacation | Hilton Head Island

This Summer has been one I don’t ever want to forget! We’ve had a ton of fun all Summer but today’s post is all about our FIRST family vacation! 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Torin, Usbec and I went to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at The Plantation and it was completely magical! Usbec was convinced that for all future beach trips we’d have to stay at The Plantation, it was that good! I should mention also though, that we went in April. There was no traffic, no large crowds at the pool and it felt like we almost had the beach to ourselves. It really was amazing.

So, when we started making plans for this years vacation that was the first place we looked. We quickly realized it was too expensive for a week in July, plus we had to take Quimby and it’s not a dog-friendly place. So, The Plantation was not an option. My mom kept suggesting Hilton Head and I turned her down every time thinking it’d be completely boring and that Usbec and I would hate every moment of it. We literally spent 2 months looking at all our options for places to stay, available dates, etc. and realized that if we were going to go to the beach it’d have to be Hilton Head Island. So, we found a house for rent and booked our trip!

I was beside myself with excitement, as I usually am when we’re about to head to the beach, but this year would be extra special!! We had Torin and my parents were going with us!! But Usbec wasn’t so convinced. He thought we’d have a miserable time. He thought Quimby would hate it and be extra anxious and that we wouldn’t be able to leave him alone in the house. He thought Torin wouldn’t adjust and wouldn’t sleep and would just be cranky the entire time. And we both were still worried that it’d be boring and we’d just hate it.

I’m happy to report that none of those things were true!! Quimby actually did really great! We were so proud of him! Torin slept soundly every night and LOVED the beach! And Usbec and I have now decided all future vacations have to be to Hilton Head Island! Usually when we go to on vacation, we want to go out to eat and go out shopping every evening, but we all wanted to just stay at home and ride bikes together! Our place came with 4 bikes, but Usbec rented one with a seat on the back for Torin and he LOVED it!! He’d laugh and scream “WOW!”, and on our way back from the beach every day he was even so relaxed that he almost fell asleep. Bike riding was a highlight of the trip, for sure!

Probably our favorite part of the trip was finding a secluded beach. We all went bike riding one day and came across a beach access. We were needing a break, so we locked our bikes up and walked down to the beach. We were so surprised to find that it wasn’t crowded at all, unlike the beach we’d been to for the first 2 days. We found out that it was a private beach for residents only, so we weren’t allowed to park there. We were allowed to ride our bikes down though. So, that’s what we did for the rest of the week! We loaded up everything in our baskets attached to the bikes, biked about 15 minutes to the beach and spent several hours there every morning! It was so much fun!!

Now we’re back and Usbec has gone back to work. I’ll admit, this trip was so fun I often find myself looking for places to stay there in October, but I think we’ve decided to remodel parts of our house instead. We’ll take another vacation next year and I can’t wait!!

August 1, 2019



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