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How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Day

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Weddings can be stressful! So today I’m sharing my top 6 tips on how to have a stress free wedding day!

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Annoying things are going to happen. My bridesmaids bouquets were bigger than mine and I could have easily gotten upset about that. Our bride and groom portraits were interrupted multiple times so that we could be told our guests were leaving. (We didn’t mind, we knew people would leave during that time because we had opted not to have a first look, so our bride and groom portraits happened later. We weren’t prepared to be interrupted and have our bride and groom photos made stressful and rushed!) Things are going to happen. Dresses will get dirty, bobby pins may fall out, heels may break. It’s just part of the day. But don’t let it get to you! This is your wedding day! Just soak it all up and enjoy every minute of it! Take a tip from Pam and Jim! Remember when her veil ripped and she got upset and so Jim cut his tie in half?? Make light of the small things and just have fun! Make it the best day ever no matter what happens!

2. Pack up your bridal details the day before.

Your dress, shoes, jewelry, invitation suite, perfume, etc. Pack all of those things up and have them ready for me to grab and start photographing. That way you don’t have to take a break from hair and makeup to wrangle everything up! These may seem like small things, and to some you may not care if they’re photographed, but how cool will it be for your children to get to see all the tiny little details that made up your day? Not to mention, they make your wedding album complete!

3. Designate a family member to help out during family photo time.

We’ll have a list and Usbec will call out the names so everyone knows who’s supposed to be getting photographed, but occasionally we have family members who go off to the reception not knowing they’re supposed to stay with us for photos. If you have a designated family member to help out, it can make photos go so much faster, but it also ensures you’re not having to wrangle people up yourself!

4. Take care of yourself.

Wedding days are long! And there can be a lot of nerves even if you’re not expecting them. Make sure you get a good night’s rest the night before, eat and hydrate – especially if your wedding is in a hotter month!

5. Hire a wedding planner!!

I can’t say this one loud enough! We know some great ones if you’re on the hunt! But hire a planner! Even if it’s a day of coordinator and not someone you work with for months in advance, having someone there the day of to help direct everyone can be a lifesaver!!

6. Have FUN!!

This is your day and you’ve planned it for months, or maybe even years?! Enjoy it! Have fun! And don’t worry about everything happening absolutely perfectly. In 20, 30, 50 years, you’ll look back on that day and remember it as one of the best of your life!

February 25, 2019



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