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How I Juggle Being a Mom and Running 2 Businesses

being a mom and business owner

How To Juggle Being a Mom and Business Owner

Ya’ll I feel like so many of our past brides are announcing they’re pregnant lately! First off, I’m super excited for each and every one of you! And secondly, I wanted to share how I manage life with an 18 month old who almost never sits still, while running 2 businesses!

First – I schedule out my day. If I didn’t, nothing would ever get done! No, I don’t schedule things down to the minute. Sometimes Torin naps at 12, sometimes it’s 1, but I still make sure that I get in a certain amount of work time throughout the day. Then we fill the rest of the day with play time, snack time, meal time, etc.

Second – I make time for myself. The first thing I do when I get up is workout. That’s because when I stopped nursing Torin I went through a really rough couple of weeks. I was mourning the fact that that season of our lives was over and I had a rough time with it. One day, I just decided to get up and workout and it made me feel so good that I haven’t stopped! I workout in the living room before Torin gets up at least 5 days a week. It just makes me feel so good and gives me so much energy for the day! I didn’t even know how badly I needed that time in the mornings until I started doing it, but ya’ll it has made all the difference in my life the past 5 months!

Third – I try my best to keep the house straightened up. In the afternoons before Usbec comes home, I straighten up the house. Torin plays while I do so, or sometimes he’ll even help me! But it just refreshes me and gives me the energy I need to get through the rest of the night! Plus I sleep better when the house is a little cleaner!

Fourth – I make sure I’m productive in my work time. Before I had Torin, I had only one business and I literally had 12 hours a day to get stuff done. I was not good at managing my time back then! Now that I have to be good at that though, I find I’m able to get more done in one day than I did in an entire week before! I make myself a list before I leave the office for the day of all that needs to be done the next day. Then if it’s a lot, I make sure I get up earlier to get some things done.

Fifth – I give myself grace. There are days when the checkbook doesn’t get balanced or I don’t get a blog post up until 4pm and that’s ok! With work, I make sure that our couples come first and get things done for them before I start on all the other things. But personally, Torin comes first and if he’s having a day where he needs his Mama a little extra, I just leave the office door shut. I allow myself to do that without beating myself up over it, but I know that I’ll either stay up late to get things done after he goes to bed or I’ll get up early the next morning.

Life changed so much when he came along, but it’s so much better, so much fuller! I’d even say, more intentional. I work harder, I keep the house cleaner, and I have so much more energy than I used to. If you’re about to have a baby, know that your life will change – but it’s about to change in the greatest of ways and I’m so stinking excited for you!

March 21, 2019



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