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How to Prepare for a Summer Wedding

We’ve photographed weddings in some of the hottest of temperatures! When I was 7 months pregnant with Torin, we photographed a wedding that was around 100 degrees. We did another wedding when I was around 5 months pregnant that was about 90, but there was almost NO BREEZE! Ya’ll it was miserably hot. There’s just no other way to say it! Thankfully at both those weddings we were prepared! And if we hadn’t of been, the families and the venues were prepared for us! While those may have been 2 of the hottest weddings we’ve photographed, we’ve definitely done plenty of other high temperature weddings so we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves!

+ Skip the suit coats

This one is for your groom and groomsmen! You can do vests, suspenders, or just a simple tie or bow tie. If it’s supposed to be extremely hot, I’d probably consider even skipping the vests! Trust me, they’ll thank you! And you’ll be glad you chose that as well! We’ve seen guys sweat all the way through their shirt and suit coat. Not only will they be extremely uncomfortable, but it’ll show up in photos as well.

how to survive a summer wedding

+ Skip the petticoat

This one is for the bride (obviously:)). I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen brides have on a petticoat under their dress to help it flare out the way it’s supposed to and they get so, so hot! We’ve seen at least half of those brides go inside to take off the petticoat at some point and they come back out like a new woman saying they instantly felt so much better! It might be a good idea to look for a dress that won’t require one if you’re having a Summer wedding.

+ Parasols

We had a parasol for ourselves at our wedding, and thankfully it wasn’t even that hot. Consider getting a few off Amazon if you’re having a summer wedding. It’ll help block the harsh sun and make for some super cute photos! You could get one for the bride and groom, you could get a couple for your wedding party, or you could buy them in bulk and have them as wedding favors!

+ Sunglasses

Another great wedding favor would be sunglasses! While a lot of guests may have theirs with them, a lot more probably won’t. So this would be a great favor to have set out at the entrance of your ceremony location.

+ Water

Our July wedding 2 years ago had buckets of water bottles set around outside for their ceremony. Almost every guest grabbed one and they truly helped!! I drank at least 2 if not more, during the ceremony in between shots. If it’s supposed to be hot and you’re having an outdoor wedding, I HIGHLY recommend having plenty of water to help make sure everyone can stay hydrated!!

how to survive a hot summer wedding

+ Fans

Usbec and I have those small battery powered fans that we carry around with us because sometimes you just need a little bit of relief! We also had paper fans though as our wedding favors that we set out for our guests during our ceremony! At the very least, consider the paper or wooden ones for you and your bridal party!

+ Ice packs

Usbec and I have those cold cloths that you wet and then put them on the back of your neck. Man, they have saved us on some wedding days!! I love that you can rewet them and use them all day, too. But at one of our weddings, they had little ice packs for the wedding party and vendors. You know the ones that you pop to activate? Those felt amazing in the July Summer heat!

+ Stay Hydrated

Usbec and I start increasing the amount of water we drink a week or so before a wedding day. Then we make sure to keep our water bottles filled up throughout a wedding day too. Whether you’re a guest, in the bridal party, a vendor, or the bride and groom – make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day!

+ Don’t Be Afraid of the Indoors

If it’s an option, we love stepping inside for a few photos on really hot days. At the July wedding I keep referring to, we did bridal party and a few bride and groom photos in one tiny little area during part of the day. We got combined bridal party and other bride and groom photos outdoors, but the bride especially loved getting to be in the air conditioning for a little bit on her wedding day! I will say, we primarily use this option if there’s a space indoors with great lighting! Even 10 minutes can help give the bride and groom a break from the heat!

how to prepare for a summer wedding

That’s my tips for staying cool on a hot wedding day! Bonus points if you create a little gift bag for your wedding party with a few of these items! They’ll love you forever!

May 23, 2019



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