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How to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

how to save money when planning a wedding

Ok guys, today’s post may not be the most popular in terms of my thinking, but having been a bride myself AND having photographed many, many weddings, I’ve got a few tips to share on how to save money!

  1. Set a budget.

You can’t save money if you don’t have a budget to start with. Determine what your budget needs to be and make sure you don’t go over that.

2. Hire a wedding planner.

“But Sheree, we’re trying to SAVE money!” Yes I know, but if you have a good wedding planner they will be able to help you do that! They’ll know what vendors to use, how to decorate in a budget savvy way, and can also save you a lot of stress!

3. Determine what’s most important.

Do you really need to send save the dates, invite that man that used to work with your dad 10 years ago, or have a 5 course dinner and a 12 layer cake? Probably not. If you have the budget, sure go ahead! But if you don’t, think about what’s most important to you and be willing to spend a little more of your budget there. My dress was important to me, but the photography was more important. So I found a dress I loved that was WAY under budget and we were able to spend more on photography than we could have because of that!

how to save money when planning a wedding

4. Know what you can do without.

Looking for the best way to cut costs? Go a little less “traditional”. Have your wedding on your family farm instead of a luxurious wedding venue. Have a gorgeous bridal bouquet that can be used for bride and groom photos, detail photos, table centerpiece photos, etc. and go a little smaller with the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Skip save the dates and invest that money in your dream photographer. Have a smaller menu instead of a large dinner.

5. Limit the guest list.

The quickest way to go over budget is to have a very large guest list! Remember you’ll need a venue that can hold all of your guests comfortably, you’ll need chairs, possibly wedding favors, your exit prop (sparklers, bubbles, etc.), food and all the things that go with that (cups, plates, silverware, etc.). If you’re looking to stay at a smaller budget, limit the people on your guest list. It may be hard, but this can make or break your budget!

how to save money when planning a wedding

There are so many other tips I could give you, but we’ll leave it at 5 for today! Happy Wedding Planning!

May 2, 2019



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