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Hunter and Whitney

Ya’ll, my baby brother is gettin married!!!! I can’t believe I’m old enough to say that, let alone that he’s old enough to be getting married! But it’s true. It seems like just yesterday I was carrying him around on my hip while we played outside and now he’s carrying my baby boys around!

He’s marrying Whitney and we all completely adore her! She’s been in our lives for so many years now, I’ve lost count. She’s felt like another sister pretty much since her and Hunter got together and we’re so excited to celebrate their wedding day with them this coming Spring!!

For their engagement session, we travelled up to Roan Mountain. I’m always a little nervous going there just because there’s so many things that could end up not being ideal (too windy, too cold, snow?, large crowds, fog, rain, etc.) but it was PERFECT!! They had 2 outfits and as soon as they changed in to their second one, it felt like the temperature dropped 20 degrees and it got so windy! So, we literally did their last outfit in 10 minutes or less and got down off the mountain. Haha! It was such a fun day though and we enjoyed it so much!

Hunter and Whitney, I can’t believe I’m posting your ENGAGEMENT session on my blog! And it’s even more crazy that your wedding day will be on here in no time! We love you both and are so excited for you!!

January 4, 2021



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