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How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

How to find your wedding photographer, husband and wife photographers with bride and groom

How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

I remember when we were planning our own wedding and it took us what seemed like forever to narrow down our list of photographers. I must have looked at every single photographer’s website in East Tennessee and even some that were out of state! How could I narrow it down to only one?? Today I want to share with you some tips on what to look for!

What to Look For When Deciding How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

  1. Style
  2. Personality
  3. Price


I put these in order of importance (to me anyways!). First off, decide on your style. Do you like dark and moody images, film images, or maybe clean and bright images? Decide what suits you as a couple and start searching for that type of photographer. PRO TIP: Choose a style that’s timeless! Remember when selective color (where everything was black and white except for the bouquet) or sepia toned photos were in style? Choose something that never goes out of style. You want your home to be decorated with timeless photographs 25 years from now!


The next thing to look at is personality. And in my opinion, this is probably the biggest thing to look for when deciding how to find your wedding photographer! Your wedding photographer will be by your side the entire day! They NEED to be someone you enjoy being around! When looking for a wedding photographer, read over their websites, blog posts, email them, schedule a phone call if you’d like. Get a feel for their personality and choose someone who you feel you’ll really get along with!


The last thing (yes the last!) to look at is price. Why is it the last thing on the list? Because I truly feel that it shouldn’t be your first deciding factor. Booking your photographer based solely on price means 2 things: 1. You most likely won’t love your images. 2. You may actually down right hate them! If their personality and style have no say in your decision making, then you could be getting stuck with someone who could be rude, too shy to guide you in posing, unhelpful if not stressful on the wedding day, and you may realize that you don’t even like their style. If you find someone who’s style matches exactly what you want though, AND you click with them, that’s someone worth hiring. That’s someone who you know will have your back on your wedding day, give you a great experience, and deliver gorgeous images! Obviously, you need to be searching for a photographer that’s somewhere near your price range, but if you find someone you’re absolutely in love with and they’re over budget, don’t be afraid to ask for a payment plan.

So, there ya have it! My top 3 tips on what to look for when hiring a wedding photographer! Yes, there are many more to consider, too. But these 3 points are where it should begin!

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February 11, 2019



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