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Amelia 9 Months

Drew and Jessica decided to come to our home for Amelia’s 9 month photos at the end of December. We still had our Christmas decorations up, so it was perfect since her 9th month fell during Christmas! Amelia LOVED the ornaments on our tree! We couldn’t keep them away from her! Haha! She did so good during the session. I was a little nervous about this one because I remember how difficult it was for me to get Torin’s 9 month photos, but Amelia did great! She’s always so happy and smiley and I love getting to see her!
At the end of the session, Torin and Millie got to play for a little bit and Torin loved sharing his tractor with her. Haha! Babies are just so cute and I love getting to photograph them! 🙂
We started Millie out in her Christmas pjs and then moved on to two other outfits before her last photo with her in her diaper on her blanket. Jessica always has the cutest clothes for Millie. She’s such a champ, too. I can’t believe we’re able to get at least 3 different outfits with her! She’s a complete joy to photograph and I love getting to see her so often!
Happy 9 months sweet Millie! I can’t believe we’re so close to your 1 year session!!
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0001.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0002.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0003.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0004.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0005.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0006.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0007.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0008.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0009.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0010.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0011.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0012.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0013.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0014.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0015.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0016.jpg
Kingsport Newborn Photographer_0017.jpg

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January 10, 2019



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