Melinda Sheree


We're wedding photographers based in Kingsport, TN. We love capturing everything from your engagement, to your wedding, to your new family, to your anniversary. No matter what we're photographing, out style is clean, bright, full of color, and timeless.

Usbec, swept me off my feet a an entire decade ago and life has never been the same. He joined Melinda Sheree Photography in 2016 and we love working together! When we're not photographing couples you'll find us at IHOP on our weekly family date or at home working on the house and playing outside with our baby boy, Torin, & our dog, Quimby. 

Why wedding photography? Our wedding day is a day we'll never forget and every year on our anniversary we pull out our video and photos and reminisce. I started this business as more of a hobby before Usbec and I were ever engaged, but our own wedding lit a fire in me and started a passion for something exciting! Usbec always wanted to join in too, and so in 2016 we became a husband and wife team.

meet usbec and sheree

Hello There!

We believe in creating memories and making them last forever!

 One of the first things that attracted me to Usbec was his servant's heart. He's always ready to drop what he's doing to help out someone in need. We've made that our unspoken mission in this business - to serve our couples and to serve them well. Whether that's by carrying the train of the bride's dress, pinning the groom's boutineer on, or making sure Mom gets the images she wants too, serving our couples is one of our greatest joys through the whole process.

Assistant Photographer
night owl
really, really good at dancing
Just wait til the reception! 
loves wood-working

lead photographer
loves early morning workouts
...and donuts
Addicted to the office
no really - "beer me" another episode

And together we make magic!

our sweet boy
Loves hide and seek
always ready to make us laugh
could completely live off of corn
the best sleeper in the house
no, we're not kidding!
obsessed with music and dancing

our first baby
loves chasing tennis balls
loves napping with us
favorite food is eggs and oatmeal
ready to bark at a moment's notice
hates bath time

Meet  the Team

the photographers and the mascots

We take our job very seriously. We've been in your shoes, afterall! We know what it's like to plan the wedding of your dreams and we're honored to get to photograph yours! We make sure you look your best, we make sure we get the candid moments too, and we have tons of fun along the way!!

Behind the Scenes

The good, the great, and the hilarious

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