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My Number One Tip for Having a Great Family Session Planning for Family Sessions

Today’s post is for all the awesome family sessions coming up, although, the main tip I’m sharing can definitely be used for any type of session! When planning for family sessions I always get asked the same questions like, “What should we wear?” While I have many tips for families planning their session I would say the tip I’m sharing today is BY FAR the most important! You can be dressed in the most luxurious, expensive outfits, we could have your session on the most beautiful day ever at the most gorgeous location known to man, but if you forget this one tip the session could be doomed before we even start!

So what is this one tip? It’s simple, really simple. Plan for a good day. Let’s face it, family sessions can be stressful especially with little ones running around. Imagine you spend a couple hours getting the family dressed and ready but the kids just won’t listen and cooperate. By the time you get in the car you’re already feeling defeated and aggravated! I get it! I know it can be tough but I also know these photos will be so worth it!! So how can you help make sure the day goes a little smoother? Plan for a good day! Plan to let the kids run a little at the session, plan to have a relaxing morning, plan to make the whole day fun, and maybe even plan to include ice cream or a little treat afterwards. 😉  The one thing I tell parents with littles is that if you’re stressed out and frustrated they will be too.

I have a family session this evening and I’m so excited for this one because I’ve worked with this family a lot! You’ll recognize them when you see their blog post! But what I love so much about this family is that they come prepared to let their kids be kids. Photo sessions can be rough for kids.  But I’ve found the family sessions that go the absolute best are the ones where the kids run and play a little bit. If kids feel free to be themselves then 2 things happen. 1. They feel comfortable in front of me and they’ll open up to me and let me get some really awesome shots! 2. I’m able to get a few of the posed shots with the whole family and the kids smiling. When little kids feel like they have to be on their best behavior in front me and they’re asked to stand perfectly still and they don’t get to explore a little bit, I just don’t get those awesome photos and when it comes time for the posed family photos, forget about it!

So when you’re planning for your family session know that it really is best to be prepared to let the kids get to play a little…before and after the shoot. I know you’re worried about their clothes getting dirty or them messing up their hair so I do encourage parents to not let them get too crazy, but a little play time is a good thing! If you’ve had to wrestle with them all day to get them ready and there hasn’t been time for them to have fun and get excited for the session then the session may not go as well as it could. Tell them before hand a little bit about what to expect. Let them know that you’ll want to get some good photos of them smiling really good and maybe even make it a game to practice your smiles together in front of the mirror! 🙂 But also let them know that they may get to run or play a little bit too! It gives them something to look forward to and gives them a reason to be excited about family pictures!

During family photo sessions I love to let the kids run a little bit, make silly faces, tell corny jokes…anything to help make them feel comfortable. Know that while I am getting a few shots of those things happening (trust me, you may not think you do, but years from now when they’re full grown, you’ll treasure those photos of them being themselves ,possibly more than you will the posed photos) I am still getting those happy smiling faces that you want to hang on your wall!

Here’s to a happy family session!number one tip for having a great family sessionfamily photo session, how to have a good photo sessionfamily photo session, knoxville family photographer

September 14, 2016



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