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Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

non traditional wedding cakes

If you’ve followed along for any length of time, you know I will NEVER turn down a slice of wedding cake! I’m not kidding. Whether I eat it at the same time your guests do, or whether I grab a piece and eat it in the car on the way home, you can be certain – I WILL have a piece of your wedding cake!! 🙂

But wedding cake isn’t the only option anymore! We’ve seen tons of different ideas, so I thought I’d share some of those with you today!

non-traditional wedding cakes


Some couples will do just a small 1 tier cake for the two of them to cut and then have a bunch of cupcakes for the guests. Or we’ve seen a mix of normal size cupcakes and mini cupcakes, only mini cupcakes, or even a normal size cake with plenty of cupcakes decorating the table!


We’ve had couples who LOVE pie and don’t really care about the cake! One couple had pie for the “groom’s cake”. One couple had a bunch of different flavors of pies. Then one couple had one extra large pie for everyone! We’ve even been to a wedding where instead of mini cupcakes, they had mini pies!

non traditional wedding cake


We had a couple last year that served different flavors of cookies with milk and it was the cutest thing! You could always do cookies for the guests and a cookie cake for the bride and groom, too!


Donuts are something else I’m unlikely to turn down. We’ve had several couples opt to do donuts instead of cake and we didn’t hear anyone complaining!


The last option I’m sharing today is candy. While it’s somewhat popular to have a candy bar at your wedding, some couples opt to have this as the main dessert!

When it comes to choosing your wedding dessert, don’t be afraid to choose something that’s unique to you! Do you guys love brownies? Have a brownie bar! You could even have a larger one for you to cut! The options are endless!

October 8, 2019



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