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Happy Monday Friends!! Today I’m sharing all about something new I’m implementing in Melinda Sheree Photography and if you’re a past client or bride stick around til the end because we have a surprise for you!

Many years ago when I first started the business, I quickly realized I needed a way to get images to my clients. I first started with a CD and then moved to USBs, but I quickly realized a digital download was best for everyone. That’s when I came across Pass Gallery. I used it faithfully for the past 4 or 5 years and I absolutely loved it! It was easy, it was simple, it was pretty.

A few months back though, I realized they had made some changes to their program. I was growing increasingly unhappy with that gallery system in the first place just because I felt like I was outgrowing it. Plus they had created a new software program that I hadn’t heard great things about and so I didn’t want to upgrade. Because I didn’t want to upgrade though, that left me with a gallery that really didn’t serve my needs any longer. At some point last year they also decided to have galleries older than 1 year go into archival. A lot of gallery programs will allow the photographer to take images out of archival, sometimes with a fee, but Pass Gallery did not allow that even with a fee. Which meant if my clients wanted to download even one image, it could take them 6 HOURS OR LONGER! Yikes!

Enter Cloudspot! Ya’ll, this program is AMAZING!!! It’s newer, much newer compared to the version of Pass I was using. It’s prettier, it’s cleaner, it can do so much more! But my favorite part is that I can send a direct download link to my clients!! Pass didn’t allow me to do that (it sent a gallery link and then clients could view, share, or download) but what if some clients just looked at their images, downloaded a few as needed for sharing on social media or for printing, but never downloaded the entire gallery? Pass was great in that it kept images backed up for 10 years, but what if you don’t download them all before then?? They could be gone forever!

So, with Cloudspot I can send a link for clients to immediately download their images and then they can be sure they have them forever! I can also send out a gallery link if they’d like to have a link to share with friends and family to view! I’m obsessed with this new gallery and I know you guys will be too!!

Ok, so for past clients dating back to 2017 I’m currently working on uploading your galleries to the new system and when it’s complete you’ll receive a link in your email! This could take several months as there are a lot of you! 🙂 If your wedding or session was earlier than 2017 and you haven’t backed up your images from your gallery I recommend doing so TODAY! Next week I’ll be sharing a post with tips on how and where you should back up your digital images!

April 29, 2019



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