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Caleb and Makenzi | Engaged

Roan Mountain Engagement Session

roan mountain engagement session

Ya’ll, doing a session on Roan Mountain has been an item on my bucket list for a LONG time!! And I will say it did NOT disappoint! Well let me back up, because it actually was incredibly disappointing!

So we met and travelled up to Roan Mountain together and it was a gorgeous day, 80 degrees and sunny! We were all so excited! About 20 minutes til we got to the top, the fog started creeping in. We weren’t too concerned. We had all been on a mountain top before where clouds would roll in, but then they’d roll right back out. We just knew it would be the same way that day. We parked and started our hike to the top. The fog was getting worse and worse. The people coming down were shivering! I had been told to expect it to be 20 degrees cooler on top, so I dressed accordingly. But the further we went, the colder it got! By the time we were out of the wooded area, we all looked like we had gotten stuck in a rain storm and it was about a 35 degree difference! And it wasn’t even raining. When we finally got to the top, we tried taking a few photos hoping it would eventually pass. About 20 minutes later though, the fog was so dense I was having a hard time seeing Caleb and Makenzi through the camera! It was VERY obvious, the fog and mist were there to stay. So, we packed up our things and headed back down. My first thought was, where else could we go to to continue the session. But by the time we got to the bottom, I realized we were all wet and cold and that definitely called for a reschedule! So we discussed a few locations and decided we’d get back together within a week at a new location.

The night before our reschedule date, Caleb messaged me and asked if we’d be willing to try Roan Mountain again. I think they were nervous I wouldn’t be up for it, but I had been a little sad that they didn’t want to try it again. So I immediately answered YES! And started praying for clear skies!! The next day, Usbec and I dressed EXTRA warmly and we headed back to Roan Mountain. Ya’ll, it could not have been more beautiful that day! And it was warm! Usbec and I were actually hot up there for a little bit.

I’m so thankful Roan Mountain worked out! These 2 are a dream to work with and they’re such a sweet couple!! We cannot wait for their wedding day next Summer!!

October 25, 2019



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