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Amelia | 12 Months

For Amelia’s 12 month session, Usbec and I actually travelled to what will soon be Drew and Jessica’s new home! They’re in the process of building and so they decided to have Millie’s first birthday party on their new property! It was a great day! It was warm and pretty and we all had the best time getting to hang out!

When we arrived, we started by photographing Amelia to make sure we were able to get some photos of just her. She’s always such a doll! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever even seen her cry! And her birthday party was no different! She was in such a good mood! She smiled and laughed and enjoyed her birthday party (and being outside!) so much! Just wait until you see the photos of her with some of her gifts! I LOVE her smile and how it spreads across her whole face. 🙂

After we got some photos of her with Drew and Jessica, we went and started the party. Honey Baked Ham catered the food and it was DELICIOUS!! I’ve been craving more ever since then! haha! It was so good! Then it was time for Millie to enjoy her cake! Oh my goodness, ya’ll she was so cute! But then came the presents and I don’t think she stopped smiling at all after that!

I have loved getting to photograph her every 3 months since she was born and it was so special to us that Usbec and I got to photograph her first birthday! We love this family to the moon and back!!!

April 15, 2019



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