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Taven 6 Months

I look back and think how in the world is Torin 3 YEARS OLD already?? Sometimes Usbec will ask me if I remember a certain situation or thing that happened when Torin was little and all the memories come flooding back. And I just think, “where did the time go?”. It seems like I just found out I was pregnant with him, yet in other ways it seems like an entire lifetime ago. I know pretty soon I’ll be wondering how Taven is 3 years old already and these baby years will be behind us. But for now all I can think is “HOW IS HE HALF A YEAR OLD?!” It’s going by so much faster than Torin’s first year it feels like. And it’s really heartbreaking!

But in the midst of feeling like life is flying by some days, God gives us good times, laughs, milestones that are met, sweet moments, and so much more that I grab hold of and wrap up in my heart.

This month we got to celebrate Taven’s first Christmas!!!! Man, it was a special one! He’s big enough and mobile enough that he got to help rip off some of the wrapping paper. And it was so fun seeing Torin be extra excited too. Partly because he’s a little older and more talkative now, but also because it’s special for all of us that Taven is here!

A week and a half before Christmas Taven had his first tooth pop through!! Then 2 days before Christmas his second one came through too! It messed up his sleep for a few nights, but overall this past month he’s woken up only 1-2 times per night!

Taven got to spend the night with Dude and Granda for the second time! We were there again this time too! The first time was shortly after he was born. Our air went out and it was HOT! So we all stayed with Granda and Dude for a night til we got it fixed. This time it snowed and we couldn’t get out of our driveway, so Dad came to pick us up in his truck so we could spend Christmas afternoon with them. It ended up being pretty late when we were finally packed up to leave though and the roads were still a little icy. So, we ended up just staying the night! This time Usbec slept with Torin and I slept in the baby room with Taven (there’s a separate bed in there). That way I could get to Taven faster so he wouldn’t wake up the whole house in the middle of the night. 🙂

Taven started sitting by himself for a few minutes at a time!

He’s also not staying in one place during tummy time anymore. He pivots around and around and around. BUT ALSO he’s started scooting backwards! haha! He gets a little frustrated when he realizes he’s not going towards the toy he’s trying to get haha. But he’ll get there!

He’s also rolling some. He’s rolled belly to back just a couple times and this month he also finally rolled back to belly once. It took him some time, but he didn’t give up until he got it!

He’s eating more food and makes faces if he’s not completely sure about it! It doesn’t keep him from not eating it, but his faces are hilarious! He still won’t eat carrots, but hasn’t turned down anything else!

At his 6 month check up they did a blood test to test for egg, peanut, and dairy allergies. We found out he is not allergic to any of them according to the blood test. But he does have an intolerance to egg and dairy still, so hopefully he’ll outgrow that soon!

Physical therapy is going really well! He’s officially in the mild category for his plagiocephaly and that means he does NOT have to wear a helmet!!!! Praise the Lord!! That has been a huge prayer of ours for months now and I pretty much cried, when she measured his head and told me that! He’ll still go to therapy for a while because he still has some stiffness. He’s also still sleeping on his back and that side of his head sometimes, so we’ll continue to watch it to make sure it continues to get better and not worse.

This has been a big month with TONS of improvement in Taven’s mobility! I’m so proud of him! And celebrating the holidays with 2 baby boys was the best thing ever!

February 11, 2021



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