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Taven 7 Months

Taven is now 7 Months old!!

*This month he started rolling back and forth consistently and started moving all over his crib in his sleep! It’s funny to see where he’ll be when I go get him in the mornings because it’s never in the same place.
*He’s also getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. He tries to transition into sitting by himself too, but he’s not quite there yet!
*He’s working on 2 top teeth and really isn’t drooling much at all. I remember Torin had to have a bib on all the time because of all the drool!
*He’s also army crawling!! Well I guess you would consider it army crawling. He uses both hands at the same time to pull himself forward. It’s so cute!
*He’s started babbling a lot! He likes to mimc Torin and Torin just loves it!!
*Taven and Torin play together a lot now. I think once Taven started moving around, Torin seemed to think, “hey, we could play together!” I hear them laughing all the time and following each other through the hallway. I knew it’d be sweet to see Torin with a baby brother, but I didn’t realize it would bring me as much joy as it does!
*He’s been sleeping 10 hours at night!!! He usually wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep for 2 more hours. It’s glorious! haha He’s also on a consistent schedule with wake up time, naps, and bedtime. I forgot how much easier that can be!
*He’s eating solids. We are doing a mix of purees and baby lead weaning. He pretty much eats everything I fix and if not, then I’ll give him some pureed food instead! There’s nothing he’ll turn down. We all laugh about how quickly he tries to get the food to his mouth! He’s VERY passionate about it! haha
*Physical Therapy is going well! We may actually be stopping soon. His torticollis seems to be gone and we’re still waiting to get a referral to the orthotist to get his flat spot checked and see if we need a helmet. Once that’s done we may stop physical therapy!
*He loves sitting in a laundry basket with some toys. He’s still working on being able to sit independently and so a laundry basket allows him to sit on his own and play without falling back. He loves it!
*He’s such a happy baby! He’s constantly laughing at Torin and making us laugh too! It’s the absolute best!!

March 8, 2021



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