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Taven Month 2

I’m sure I’ll start each monthly post out this way, but HOW IS HE TWO MONTHS OLD ALREADY?? And don’t get me started on how Torin turns 3 in just a couple weeks! Life seems to be moving at rapid speed right now and I have to say, I don’t love it!

But either way, he is 2 months old. This month has been really great and also a little difficult. I was reading back over my 1 month post and saw I mentioned so many of the signs for this, but we found out Taven has a dairy intolerance. He was so fussy after feedings, he had an eczema like rash around his mouth and chest, he had CONSTANT dirty diapers, he was so sweaty, and he was really congested in the middle of the night. I got to talking with my sister one day and realized her daughter had had many of the same symptoms and she ended up having to go dairy and egg free with her. So, I talked with a lactation consultant and she told me to cut out dairy and see if it helped. It took about a week to see a difference, but then almost all of those things started to clear up quite a bit. It can take 8 weeks for us both to detox from the diary in our systems and for Taven’s gut to heal. So I may not see a complete change of those things until then, but things are SOOOO much better! He even gave us a 7 hour stretch of sleep 3 nights in a row. On average now, he sleeps about 6 hours for the first stretch at night and it’s wonderful! Having to be dairy free isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Honestly, the hardest part is just remembering to check labels and not being able to eat out as much. And it’s difficult to keep Torin from kissing Taven at any point in the day, but he seems to rush to him when he’s covered in cheese or some other dairy filled food! Haha He kissed him on the forehead one day before I could stop him and Taven broke out in a rash for a day or so. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to bother Taven other than that though!

This month Taven started smiling at us! He’s actually smiled a ton since birth, but this month it’s seemed to be a little more intentional. A lot of mornings when he wakes up, he’ll turn and smile at me when I go to get him up. It’s the sweetest thing! He also laughed out loud the other night with Usbec! I mean, he was truly laughing at Usbec and we both got a little teary eyed over it. It was so cute!

He’s sucked on his hands a few times, but it’s really when he’s been hungry. He can make the loudest smacking sounds though when he does it! Overall though, he still prefers the paci and actually seems to want it quite a bit more than Torin ever did. He really wants it when he’s trying to fall asleep, and then once he’s asleep, he spits it out and I don’t give it to him again, even in the middle of the night after he nurses.

He’s gaining weight great! At his 2 month appointment he weighed 12 lbs 10 oz – the exact same as Torin at his 2 month appointment haha. He doesn’t seem quite so little and fragile anymore and it reminds me every day how fast this season really does go. I try my best to take in all the snuggles I can get with him. Because of how dairy affected him (and also he has reflux) the first month or so he would cry after nursing and just want to be put down so he could kick and move around. This month we’re back to him falling asleep on me sometimes after nursing and I LOVE it!

I think he might be like his Mama and love blankets! We’re in a great little routine with him. He eats, plays anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and then is ready for a nap. The times we put him in the swing for a nap, he’ll cry unless he has a blanket over him and then he’ll fall asleep pretty quickly!

He’s getting a little better at tummy time but doesn’t really love it yet. He prefers to be propped up on a pillow or something and it helps to have Torin there because Taven loves watching him!

He still LOVES bath time! And Torin loves to help with that! Taven actually will grab and hold my finger a lot while he’s in the bathtub. I think it may be where I prop my arms over the side, it’s just easy for him to grab my finger, but I love it!!

He really loves his swing! He’ll smile at himself in the mirror that hangs down from it and it’s so cute!

Nursing is still going good! It’s actually quite a bit better than it was now that I cut out dairy and he’s on medicine for reflux. He’s nursing about 7-12 minutes every 2-3 hours. I’ve kinda felt sad about that just because I feel like I don’t get near enough time nursing him compared to Torin’s 45 minutes of nursing. But it actually works out, because it gives me more time to play with him and Torin instead of having to make Torin wait so long for me to finish nursing.

He’s in 3 month clothes! He’s outgrown all of his newborn clothes and some of the 0-3 month. But the 3 month and even some 3-6 month fit him great!

He’ll kick and grunt A LOT before he starts to cry, but once he starts to cry you better be ready to get him! He’s got some lungs and can scream so loud! Torin always rushes to his side though if and when he cries. He’ll try giving him a paci and he’ll rub his belly and say, “It’s ok Taven! We’re right here!” It’s so so sweet. I’m so thankful for the bond they have already. Torin can’t get enough of Taven and it’s really incredible how much Taven watches Torin.

Being a “boy mom” is the best thing ever!

I love the way Torin adores him!
Cousin time! Madalyn loves helping by getting him a paci and telling us he needs a nap! Haha She’s so cute!
Our air went out one day so we had a sleep over at Granda’s and Dude’s!
Taven’s first bottle! Taven wasn’t so sure about it, but Torin LOVED helping give it to him!
Who knew bath time could be so sweet??
We love when Dude and Granda come over!
Why does Torin look so huge here?!?!
We got Torin some twinkle lights for his bed and he hated them at first haha! Actually, I take that back – he loved them until bed time and then he begged me to take them off his bed. We’ve had so many sleep problems over the past few months that I took them down because I was afraid he wouldn’t sleep with them up there. The next week he wanted them back up though and they haven’t come off since! At bedtime, he loves to snuggle with Taven in his bed and Taven loves looking up at the lights!

September 8, 2020



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