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Taven Month 4

What a whirlwind this month has been. It’s been so so good for so many different reasons!

I shared in Taven’s 3 month post that I had been dealing with postpartum anxiety. That’s getting so much more under control now and I feel like “myself” so much more of the time now. I still have bad days and bad moments, but I’ve learned several ways to cope and help myself through it and I’ve enjoyed this month SO MUCH more!

That being said, Taven’s sleep all but went down the drain the first part of this month and I’m beyond thankful that I reached out for help before that happened, because I honestly don’t know that I could have made it through! He started waking up almost every hour every couple of nights and the nights in between, he’d be up every 2 hours. Sheesh it was rough!! ROUGH! Then nap times went from 30 minutes to about 10-20 minutes. Finally, after a really hard night, I told Usbec something needs to change! I reached out to a sleep consultant that I had talked to once about Torin and we had a plan. The very next day, Taven took 2 1.5 hour haps UNSWADDLED! Nights were still rough, but last night he slept from 8:30pm – 6:30am!

The biggest difference is we quit interfering. Turns out he goes to sleep so much better independently and we didn’t even know it! Every time he’d stir a little at night, I’d get him and feed him because I was afraid he’d wake up Torin if he cried. He’s a very light sleeper too, so I know we were waking him up several times in the night too. So, we moved him to his own room and he immediately slept SO MUCH better! I couldn’t believe it!! It takes him less than 5 minutes to go to sleep at night too. I think if we’re in the same room with him he wants to be up with us, so him sleeping in his room just works better. He woke up so happy today! I shouldn’t be surprised he slept better in his own room though, Torin did the same thing. The first night in his room he slept 12 hours straight!

It took us about a week to transition out of the swaddle. It wasn’t awful. We just started with one arm out and switched which arm was out every time, then I finally got brave and just left both arms out, the first 2 naps weren’t great that way, but it was pretty smooth sailing after that!

This month he rolled over for the first time! I managed to get it on video too! I was so proud and excited!!! Torin was too! It’s so sweet to hear him encourage his little brother!

We also saw his plagiocephaly and torticollis get quite a bit better this past month. We’re still praying for it to get a lot better this month so we can avoid a helmet. I’d love for ya’ll to remember him in your prayers for this too. I know it’s not the end of the world if he ends up in a helmet for a little bit, but I just don’t want to have to have him go through that! He’s hot natured and I worry so much about him sweating worse with a helmet and I’m just praying so hard he doesn’t have to get one.

He actually learned to love tummy time sometime this past month!! He even PREFERS it sometimes too and I’m so thankful because that means less time on his head! He’s started reaching for things too while he’s on his tummy!

He’s started drooling a little more and Torin always brings a towel to wipe him off. 🙂

He will grab anything that’s placed in front of him and bring it to his mouth now! Torin especially loves it when Taven reaches for Torin’s hands. Torin thinks it’s so funny!

He’s in all 6 month clothes now! I can’t believe, once again, I’ve already cleaned out the newborn and 3 month clothes already. It’s just another reminder of how quickly the first year goes by. 🙁

Last month his hair thinned out quite a bit, but I noticed today he’s got a lot of new growth coming in!! It still seems quite a bit lighter than Torin’s but we’ll see!

One of the things I love is when I’m holding him and Usbec talks to him, Taven will smile with a little laugh and then turn into my chest like he’s shy. It’s so stinking cute! Taven also has such good eye sight it seems like. We can be fully across the room and he always locks eyes with me or Usbec and will smile at us. And he LOVES watching everything Torin does!

Last month may have been a hard month for many different reasons, but I finally feel like we’re starting to find our groove a little bit. Taven is such a huge blessing to us and the perfect addition to our family. I’m so incredibly thankful, every single day, for the gift that he is and that God decided to bless us with him. <3

November 5, 2020



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