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Taven’s First Month

As I write this, I can’t believe it’s been a month already! It literally feels like we just found out we were going to have another baby and here he is a month old already! Life seems like it’s going by so fast right now even though we barely leave the house! It’s crazy!

Life with 2 kids is SO different! But a good different. When Torin was born, I didn’t think I’d ever get out of the newborn fog. I was constantly tired and I felt like a zombie. I felt like I never had time to “get ready” for the day. I basically didn’t do much at all that first month other than sit and nurse him all day (and night!). This time it’s so different. I absolutely still feel incredibly tired. haha! But I’ve been able to get back into the swing of things SO much faster this time! I think I’ve even showered and gotten ready for the day every single day!

The hard part this time around is trying to figure out how to keep Torin occupied and give him attention while Taven needs to nurse. Even that hasn’t been a huge struggle though because Taven tends to nurse only about 20 – 30 minutes at a time, as opposed to Torin who would nurse for 45 minutes to an hour! But still, I think that’s the time where Torin feels he’s not getting enough attention, so I’ve had to work on playing with him at the same time. And I make sure to be very intentional and pour into him as best I can when Taven is napping.

It’s also been a little difficult just being able to find time for me. But, I know all to well that this is a season and it’ll be over before I know it. And when it is, I’ll miss it greatly. So I’m trying to breath in all the newborn snuggles I can and enjoy every moment of playing train tracks and dinosaurs.

Taven is such a good baby! We said that with Torin and it’s true of Taven, too. He’s already giving us 5 hour stretches of sleep some nights. He doesn’t really get up “for the day” until about 10am, which gives me a good amount of time in the mornings with just Torin and me. Then when he does get up, he’s usually so happy and content. He does have days where he’ll cry a lot of the first part of the day, but for the most part he’s really content to just be held or to even sit in his swing for a while. He LOVES watching Torin. In fact, if he’s crying and I can’t get to him right away I’ll tell Torin to go talk to him and Taven will just watch and listen to him. It’s so so sweet.

He loves having his hair washed. He loves looking at the fan in our bedroom! And he LOVES sleeping on his Daddy’s chest, just like Torin did!

He HATES his carseat though. Most of the time he’ll be fine once we’re in the car and moving, but every now and then he screams a good portion of our car rides. And it’s not a quiet scream, he’s got some strong lungs!! Hahaha

His hair is quite a bit lighter than Torin’s was and his skin is quite a bit darker like his Daddy’s. He’s pretty vocal in general (and loud! haha) and loves to grunt! He’s started cooing a little bit already, too and it’s so cute.

He’s incredibly strong! Diaper changes and getting him dressed can be a real challenge sometimes! He’s been holding his head up amazingly well for a while now. Not all the time. He doesn’t have full head control, but he’s definitely very strong.

Usbec and I STILL can’t believe we have two boys! There was a season of our marriage where we didn’t think we’d have children at all. And now here we are with the 2 most perfect boys. It’s amazing. We’re tired a lot of the time, just because it’s hard being woken up multiple times a night and Torin has had some sleep issues that have taken a toll on our mental health from time to time ;), but I’m constantly finding myself thanking God for the blessing of motherhood and for the blessing of Torin and Taven. We’re so in love with both of them!

Memories from Month 1

  • Nursing was difficult at first. Only because Taven has an abnormally strong latch. In fact he’s bit me a time or two and I’ve worried that I won’t make it a year nursing him, but all is good now and I’m thankful!
  • He poops constantly! Like I’ve only changed 2 diapers in 1 month that were pee only!
  • In his first month, he rarely missed a chance to pee on whoever was changing him. Even the nurse at the doctor’s office!
  • He rarely spits up. In fact, I rarely have a burp cloth with me because he almost NEVER spits up!
  • He sleeps really well for a newborn most nights, but he doesn’t nap that great. He’s usually up for at least 5 hours at a time during the day before he’ll take a nap. After that it can either be near impossible to wake him back up (except to eat!), or he’ll only nap when someone’s holding him.
  • We all thought Torin looked like my Dad for the longest time and now everyone says they think Taven looks like Usbec’s Dad!
  • Torin LOVES to kiss him. I mean all the time! He’ll get up from his meals and ask to go give Taven a kiss. He can be glued to a tv show or hyper focused on a toy and will randomly get up and go give Taven a kiss.
  • When Taven wakes up for the day, Torin always says, “Oh Taven’s awake!! Let’s go see him!” He goes in and unswaddles him and says, “Hi Sweet Boy!! Did you sleep good?” Melts my heart every morning!
  • He weighed 10 pounds by the time he turned a month old and a week after he turned 1 month, he outgrew almost all of his newborn clothes. 🙁
  • He likes to lay by himself sometimes. There’s times where he cries and the only thing he wants is to be held, but there’s just as many times where I find the only thing he wants is to lay down by himself. I’m thankful for both!
  • He sweats A LOT! We constantly had Torin wrapped up in blankets, but Taven pretty much always only has a onesie on! It’s been like that since we brought him home! That may be why he wants to be by himself sometimes! haha

We love him so, so much! I’m incredibly grateful God made me a boy mama! Happy One Month Baby Boy!

September 8, 2020



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