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The Frausto’s are Growing!

The title of this post should actually say we have grown because our second baby boy is already here! But it’s been so long since I’ve been on here that I decided to break these posts up into a few different ones because there’s SO much to catch up on! Today’s is about finding out we were pregnant and the new nursery and toddler room!

In October, Usbec and I photographed a wedding out of town and it ended up being one of the hardest I’ve ever done. Not because the wedding was bad, it was a beautiful wedding and we loved being a part of it! It rained, which was a bummer, but we got the majority of photos fully completed before the rain came and it was really a beautiful day and so much fun!! It was hard though because I seemed to have NO energy! There really weren’t any hills. All the spaces (reception, getting ready area, ceremony site) were all close together, but ya’ll, I was out of breath the entire day! I felt so weak! When we got home I went straight to bed because I also had a migraine at that point.

The next morning, I got up to get ready for church, went into the bathroom, turned around to shut the door, and passed out. Next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor shaking and unable to see. I just kept thinking, “what happened? What is going on??” My vision slowly returned, the shaking stopped, and then I realized I had hit my head when I passed out and it was bleeding a little.

I told Usbec what had happened and we realized that at the wedding the day before, I hadn’t had much to drink or to eat. We always pack Vitamin Waters and protein bars, but for some reason we never even thought to pack them!! We decided I was just dehydrated and hungry and so we set out to fix that!

However, as the day went on, I just continued to feel “off”. Usbec and I joked that I was probably pregnant, but the later it went in the day, the more I seriously began to wonder! So, Usbec went to the store to pick up a pregnancy test and less than 5 minutes after he returned I was walking out of the bathroom in disbelief! Usbec said, “Well?” and I couldn’t even say anything, I just smiled with my tear filled eyes as wide as they would go. When we got pregnant with Torin we tried for almost 2 years and I had low progesterone so I just knew we’d end up having to go back to the doctor before I’d be able to get pregnant again. That wasn’t the case though!

This pregnancy was SO different in every possible way. When I found out I was pregnant with Torin, like I said, we had spent almost 2 years trying to get pregnant. So we felt nothing but excitement. We were over the moon and literally had no worries (except for the labor and delivery part of it!) Of course we were excited this time around too, but we also worried about what life would be like with 2 kids. Would we be able to handle it? Would Torin love his little sibling or would he feel forgotten or neglected? Would we still have time for each other? Do we have a big enough house and car for all the STUFF!! Haha! But seriously – On and on and on our worries went. We knew life drastically changed when Torin arrived and we knew it was about to drastically change again. Our worries started to fade quickly though and pure joy and excitement started to take over.

That excitement lasted only a couple weeks before it was replaced with fear and worry again, but you’ll have to come back for the next blog post for that! Today, I’m sharing about his nursery!

If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember we did Torin’s nursery in a nautical theme. You can view that here:

A Nautical Nursery | Torin’s Room

When we found out we were pregnant again, we decided to go ahead and change Torin’s room to a “big boy room” so we could use the same nursery furniture for our next baby. Usbec decided to make Torin his own bed and it’s my FAVORITE piece of furniture we own! We decided to paint both the boys rooms and keep them both neutral and semi-matching. We used the same paint colors for both rooms, but the accent walls are different. Torin’s room is black, white, and gray only. His bedding is simple and the rug just makes the room in my opinion! Usbec also made him a bedside table and a storage unit to keep all his toys neatly in place. Then Usbec redid the closet too.

We still need to print some photos for his room. We’re debating on doing black and white photos of cows from the farm to go with the “southwest” feel of his room or doing family photos. Then we also have a sign that says “Little Dude”! I can’t wait to have that all hung! Then his room will be complete!

Next is the new nursery! We LOVED how Torin’s room turned out so we decided to stick to the same idea for the nursery except we decided to add in pops of green with a cactus theme! Usbec painted the nursery furniture, painted the walls, added an accent wall, and redid the closet the same way as Torin’s too. OH and he redid the floors in both rooms (and our master bedroom, too)! We also found white blackout curtains for both the boys rooms and hung them higher than the previous curtains and it made all the difference! It makes the rooms look so much bigger and taller!

I’m so in love with both the boys rooms! In fact, we spend so much time in both rooms just because they’re so clean, inviting, and peaceful!! That’s it for today! Check back soon to hear the rest of our pregnancy and delivery story! 🙂

Torin had to get in some photos too!

I LOVE his rug!! We got it from Rugs USA! His bedding came from Ikea (pillows) and Amazon (sheets, comforter, and blanket).

This storage unit is amazing! Usbec built it and the boxes are from Ikea. They’re the 13×13 size and they hold SO MUCH!! All his toys are in there and he knows to clean them all back up after he’s done playing. In fact, he won’t go to sleep if his room isn’t perfectly clean. We’ll hang the photos I was talking about over this storage unit.

The curtains are from Amazon, too. I love that they’re white but still blackout curtains!

And here’s baby boy’s room! We ordered his name from 48 Hour Monogram and it turned out awesome!! We ordered just the plain wood option and then painted it ourselves.

Most of the plants and decor items are from Hobby Lobby or At Home!

Usbec made the mountain wall decor and the blanket ladder!

It’s just so bright and inviting even though there’s only one window! I love the neutral colors we decided to go with!!

August 4, 2020



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