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Tips for the Wedding Party

wedding party tips

This one’s for the wedding party! Whether you’re in a group that’s ready to party and have tons of fun, or whether you’re in a group that’s a bit more shy and reserved, the most important job is to be there for the bride and groom! Support them, encourage them, and take care of them! Today I wanted to share a few tips that can help YOU, as a member of the wedding party, to be the best bridesmaid or groomsman you can be! (Obviously, these tips are from a photographer’s point of view. 😉 But I promise the bride and groom will thank you for following these tips too!)

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your dress or tux. Alterations can take a few weeks or maybe even months. Don’t risk running out of time to get an outfit that fits you correctly! True story – I realized on a wedding day once (when I was a bridesmaid) that my dress was a little too tight. I was uncomfortable the entire night!! Don’t make the same mistake I did! Try on your outfit, then try it on again a week or two before the wedding. If you need more alterations made, ask for them! Don’t show up on the wedding day and find out that your dress is too lose or that your tux won’t button!
  2. Be early! I always tell my couples to ask their family to arrive 20-30 minutes earlier than need be for family portraits but the same goes for the wedding party! Weddings have a lot of moving parts and if even one groomsman is late by 10-15 minutes it can throw off the timeline for the ENTIRE day! And believe it or not, that 15 minutes could mean the bride and groom get their own portrait time cut short! Be sure to arrive early!
  3. Bouquets and Boutonnieres – This one has multiple tips. First, groomsmen – make sure someone is present to help you put on your boutonniere. I used to help do this when we finished getting ready photos, but when I realized that it could quickly take up a lot of time I could be getting more photos for my couples, I decided to ask that someone be designated to help with this! Secondly, bridesmaids – make sure to keep your bouquets with you! You’ll need them for the majority of the wedding day, ESPECIALLY for photos! And lastly, ladies – be sure to hold your bouquets at your belly button. This helps me be able to see your dress in the photos! I had someone tell me (as I was walking down the aisle at my wedding!) to hold my bouquet low. At the time, I was thinking, “Did they seriously just interrupt us walking down the aisle to tell me that??” But when I saw the photos, I realized they were doing me a favor! The bouquet looks so much nicer when held at the belly button. 
  4. Don’t have anything in your pockets! This goes for phones, keys, wallets – anything. It will show up in the photographs. This means nothing in your back pockets either! Ladies, this means no phones in your bra, too. It will show in photos and I promise, the bride and groom don’t want that. 🙂 I recommend leaving everything in the room for photos before the ceremony. Then for the ceremony and any photos after, I recommend giving it to someone else to hold on to for you. You won’t be needing to take any phone calls during portrait time anyways. 🙂 Want to be an extra helpful bridesmaid or groomsman? Bring a box or bucket to set off to the side and remind everyone else to dump their pockets before we start photos!
  5. SMILE! During portrait time, when your walking down the aisle, when you’re walking back up the aisle, smile! It might feel unnatural to smile as your walking up and down the aisle, but if you do, not only will the bride and groom thank you, but you might get a pretty cool new profile photo, too. 

Are you in a wedding this summer? Remember the most important thing is to be there to support the bride and groom! Have fun, eat too much cake, and dance the night away! Maybe we’ll see you there!


March 14, 2019



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