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Torin Month 11

Well, Torin is officially 13 months old, so I’m not THAT late on his 11 month blog post right?? Wow, what a Summer we had! I can’t wait to share about it all with ya’ll soon! But today’s blog post is just for Torin! He’s completely different now than he was when I took these photos and his 12 month post is coming later this week but here are a few memories from his 11th month!

He’s still obsessed with our kitchen trash can! It’s one of those that you step on to lift the lid and once he discovered the trash can itself, it didn’t take him long to figure out how to open it. The only problem is he isn’t strong enough or tall enough to be able to push the bottom part and look inside the top part at the same time. So, we spend a large chunk of our day stepping on the bottom part so that he can see inside. Of course, he’ll bend down to wave his hand over the step and then stand back up as fast as he can to see the lid open and then close. It’s become a fun little game for us all!

We moved this month! We actually moved 11 days before he turned 11 months. We moved into my parents’ house though and left the majority of our things in our house in Knoxville until we could find a house here. So, it felt like we were moving the entire month. We got to go through everything in our house and pack it all up and give a lot away. It was so, so sad going through all of Torin’s things. At the time I had 2 FULL boxes of clothes and things he had outgrown. Plus, knowing we were leaving the house where we had first brought him home was sad. So, it helped that we found clothes and hats he hadn’t been able to fit into yet. Playing dress up was something that brought us all joy and helped us enjoy the process!

I said during his 10 month blog post that he had 2 molars, but actually neither of them had broken through. This month one of them finally did though! He’s been such a champ with teething and unless he’s been drooling, it’s honestly been hard to tell when he’s been working on a new one. He hasn’t even needed or really wanted any kind of teether!

He’s really on the move! He still isn’t walking on his own but he can cruise around furniture like nobody’s business! He did take 3 steps by himself one night though!! We were all so excited! Even got it on video! (He didn’t do it again though for a long time.) ┬áHe’ll let go of things and stand for several seconds if something is in his hands but otherwise he’s very cautious. Even if we try to encourage him, as soon as his hands aren’t touching us or the furniture, his little bottom hits the floor!

He’s started laughing when he’s playing by himself and it’s the cutest thing! He’s been babbling to himself, but now he starts laughing sometimes.

He used to roll his tongue when he cried, but we noticed this month that he really cries now and doesn’t roll his tongue as much. It used to sound like a motor or even Chewbacca haha. But now it’s just a normal cry and it breaks our hearts!

He told me “Mama, night night.” one night and I lost it! He can say mama, dada, night night, and hi and bye at the appropriate times now. I haven’t heard him say two of those words together again yet, but man, that was the sweetest thing. I had just finished feeding him and was about to put him in bed!

Since we moved to mom and dad’s house, he’s loved playing in her kitchen cabinets, playing in his little pool on the back porch, and mocking the dogs! Selinda and Robbie have 2 golden doodles and he LOVES hearing them pant and will mock them. It’s too cute!

He started playing telephone and will put things up to his ear when we say “hello”. He also has gotten really good at waving hi and bye.

He loves play time with Dude and Granda before bed every night! My dad will have him up on the bed and Torin likes to scoot to the edge and slide off backwards. My dad will catch him and I honestly think Torin would do it all night if we’d let him. He laughs the whole time!

He’s getting a little pickier with foods. I think it’s a texture thing. He loves chicken, potatoes, peas and things like that. But he’s not a fan of slimier foods like banana, tomatoes, and things. I’m still nursing him too! We’ve gotten down to 3 feeds a day – morning, noon, and night. And it’s been particularly rough this month. I think with the move and all, life in general has gotten stressful and Torin has cut back on his nursing sessions. I ended up getting mastitis again, but I’m still so very thankful I’ve been able to make it almost a year!!

He’s still in 9 month clothes with a few random 6 month pieces but it won’t be long before he’s in 12 month!

Torin Month 11-2.jpg
Torin Month 11-1.jpg

Does it get any cuter than this??
Torin Month 11-12.jpg
Torin Month 11-6.jpg

He loves helping pack the boxes!
Torin Month 11-24.jpg
Torin Month 11-45.jpg

We’ll miss you house!!
Torin Month 11-49.jpg
Torin Month 11-51.jpg

Aw that little curl! I know he needs a haircut but I’m not ready!!
Torin Month 11-56.jpg
Torin Month 11-61.jpg
Torin Month 11-66.jpg
Torin Month 11-71.jpg

Playing at Uncle Robbie and Aunt Selinda’s gender reveal party!
Torin Month 11-111.jpg
Torin Month 11-115.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-121.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-130.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-135.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-139.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-146.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-148.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-157.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-159.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-163.jpg
Clemons Gender Reveal-167.jpg

He’s started this little face where he looks at us like we’re totally crazy and it’s the cutest!
Clemons Gender Reveal-171.jpg
Torin Month 11-109.jpg
Torin Month 11-74.jpg
Torin Month 11-76.jpg
Torin Month 11-78.jpg
Torin Month 11-88.jpg
Torin Month 11-91.jpg
Torin Month 11-131.jpg

When did he get so big??
Torin Month 11-136.jpg
Torin Month 11-137.jpg
Torin Month 11-147.jpg
Torin Month 11-151.jpg
Torin Month 11-155.jpg

October 24, 2018



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