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Torin Month 3

Torin turned 3 months on Thursday! We’ve had so much fun with him this month! Not that we haven’t the first 2 months, but I think HE’S had more fun with us this month! He smiles so big when we go to get him after a nap and in the mornings he’s started laughing a little at me when I lean over to get him up for the day. He’s staying awake longer during the day instead of sleeping the whole day like most newborns do. But I’ve also managed to figure out a schedule for him a little bit too. He loves to eat and then play and then take a nap. I’ve learned to figure out when he’s hungry and when he’s just tired and I think we’re all benefiting from this schedule. I don’t strictly put him down at certain times or feed him at certain times either. He pretty much dictates the day for now but it works for us!

This was a big month!! This month Torin got to celebrate his first Thanksgiving and meet Santa! Those were definitely two big highlights from this past month! We also can’t get over how quickly he’s growing! Just this week he’s started outgrowing some of his 3 month clothes and it makes me a little sad. I already have a drawer full of clothes he’s outgrown. I cannot believe this time last year we didn’t even know we were pregnant yet! This year has flown by, but it has been the fullest, best year so far!

In just a couple days we’ll be celebrating Torin’s first Christmas!! I can’t wait! Christmas is by far my favorite time of year and I’m teary eyed just thinking about seeing Torin on Christmas mornings from now on. I can’t wait to see his excitement and have him wake us up early like we did with my parents!

A few things I want to remember from this month:

Torin got to meet SANTA!! We debated taking him to the mall but it was so much better having Santa come to our home for Torin’s first Christmas!

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Torin. He napped through Thanksgiving dinner but man was it a special day!

He’s started grabbing at things now. My hair almost needs to be in a pony tail 99% of the time. But even if it is, scarves, shirts, or just your neck and arms are not impossible for him to grab on to.

He’s really started loving his activity mat! Right now his favorite toy on it is the little kitty. I think that’s because the rings on it are the easiest to grab on to. But he also loves to smile at the face on it!

He’s trying so very hard to sit up on his own. He’s still got a ways to go, but he tries with all his might!

He’s laughed out loud a couple times this month. It’s the sweetest sound and I can’t wait for him to start doing it more. You have to really catch him in a good mood for it (fed but not too full and not tired), but it’s the best thing ever!

He’s more efficient at eating. Instead of it taking 45 minutes, he can now get full within 10-15 minutes most of the time. If I’m being honest, I love that I have a little more time between feeds but it also has caused a few tears this month when I feel like I don’t get as much of that sweet time with him. #motherhood am I right?

He LOVES his fleece sleep and play that his Daddy bought him. I know he doesn’t realize he’s wearing a sleep and play instead of a onesie and pants but I swear he loves it best out of all his clothes. He takes better naps in it, his reflux doesnt seem to bother him as much, and he tends to smile a lot more while he’s wearing it. It’s probably because it’s so cozy and because it doesn’t have anything pushing on his waist like a pair of pants do.

Usbec is the best dad and the best husband in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without him! I love, LOVE watching him with Torin and the way he encourages me as a mom is the best thing in the world. I love seeing Torin’s face light up when Usbec comes home from work. It makes me so so happy!

He loves being in the Ergobaby carrier! We got one in case we ever need to take him on photo sessions so that Usbec would be able to carry him instead of having to worry about a carseat and/or stroller. But I’ve been using it around the house for now and he loves it!

He’s started kicking like crazy! He has so much energy. It makes diaper changes a little tougher than before but I know it means he’s one step closer to finding his feet! 🙂

Torin’s first time being a part of Thanksgiving Day Photos! Look at his bow-tie!!

He concentrates so hard before taking a swing at the toys!

Santa came to visit! Usbec and I were more excited than Torin haha but I’m so thankful we have these photos from our first Christmas with Torin!

This is my favorite scene from this Christmas! I love watching him play next to the Christmas tree. 🙂

Oh his yawns are my favorite!

Torin sleeping is the sweetest sight! I love how he still smiles in his sleep.

But look at the huge smiles I get when I unswaddle him and tell him Good Morning!

Gosh, he’s just so cute!

He doesn’t usually love tummy time but he liked doing it on the bed so he could see everything below!

He wants so bad to sit up on his own!




December 23, 2017



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