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Torin Month 4

Torin turned 4 months old yesterday! HOW in the world is he 4 months already?? Every month just gets better and better. I do miss the tiny, fragile newborn stage but I love seeing him grow and learn new things. Some highlights from his 4th month are:

We celebrated his first Christmas! And it was the best Christmas ever! I’ve said it multiple times on this blog but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. This year beat all the other years combined though.

We started giving him a bath every night to help give him a bedtime routine. We also started doing it without the newborn sling and he LOVES it!! He sits and splashes with his feet the entire time!

The night before he turned 4 months old (Saturday) he slept for 11 hours and 45 minutes straight! AND he did it again last night! He’s been sleeping an average of 5-6 hours every night. Then one night it occurred to me he wasn’t actually waking up after that 5-6 hours, he was just stirring a little in his sleep. He wouldn’t even open his eyes during that time. So I went a couple of nights and let him wiggle around without getting him up to feed him and he’d fall back asleep in less than 5 minutes.  And now for the past 2 nights he’s slept soundly for almost 12 hours straight! And for the past 2 days he’s also woken up happier, taken better naps, and been able to put himself to sleep quicker for nap time and at night.

We started reading to him at night. I had read to him a couple times before this month, but now he actually enjoys looking at the photos and listening. Usbec read a longer book to him one night and Torin sat quietly and looked at the pictures the whole time!

Torin rolled over from his belly to his back! So far he’s only done this on the bed where it’s squishy and easier for him to get his arm underneath him but he’s trying so hard to do it on the floor!

He’s laughing so much more! Usbec can get him to laugh for several minutes at a time and it’s hilarious! I love hearing it and seeing is wide gummy smile.

If there’s anything in front of him, Torin will grab it and it goes straight to his mouth! Last month we used to laugh at how he’d concentrate so hard to reach out and grab one of his toys but this month he just goes for it! He LOVES his zebra that Granda and Dude got him for Christmas. He smiles every time I hand it to him. He reaches out with both hands to grab it and it goes straight to his mouth every single time!

He LOVES tummy time now. He didn’t mind it when he was just a week or two old but then we had a couple months of reflux and he hated being on his stomach. He’d scream after just a minute. But then this month he’s seemed to have outgrown the reflux and he loves being on his stomach! He smiles and laughs and when he rolls over to his back he actually gets a little fussy until we flip him back over.

I’m so happy that nursing him is still going so well! Until he started sleeping such long stretches at night he’d be so distracted during his morning feeds. I loved it though because he’d look up at me and babble away for 10 minutes before he’d finally go back to eating. He does this throughout the day too when he’s finished eating. When he was a newborn he’d fall asleep after he was done, but now when he’s full he looks up at me, smiles really big, and then starts to babble for a few minutes. I LOVE it!

He doesn’t mind wearing hats now! He went through a phase where he HATED them, screamed from the moment you tried to put it on him, but now he doesn’t mind them at all! Which is good considering it’s been so cold outside and he needs one on when we go out!

His hair is slowly growing back in! He had a serious case of cradle cap that’s almost gone now, but it caused him to lose quite a bit of his hair. Now that the cradle cap is almost gone we’ve noticed some growing back in! 🙂 And the part that didn’t fall out is getting LONG! He may need a TINY little haircut in the next couple months!

He’s officially in 6 month clothes now. Except for a random shirt and set of pjs all the 3 month clothes are packed up. 🙁 I can’t believe how fast he’s growing!

We love you our sweet baby boy! Life is so much fuller with you in it!

He LOVES the blanket Granda made for him! He can’t nap without it! He loves to bring it up and rub it on his face while he’s trying to fall asleep! Don’t worry, I’m there with him when he does this and I don’t let him fall asleep with it over his face.

Gosh he’s just too cute! Look at his sweet smile!

Torin’s first Christmas!! He was so excited to see what Santa brought him. 😉

Between him wanting to grab his toes and chew on his hands his 4 month photo session wasn’t quite as easy this month! haha



January 22, 2018



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