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Torin Month 7

Torin Xander is 7 months old! What a month this has been! I photographed 2 babies this past weekend, both younger than Torin, and while I do miss him being that little and it made me sad to realize how quickly he’s growing up, it also made me realize how thankful I am for this age right now. He’s just so much fun! He’s learning so much and every morning I’m so excited to get up and see what the day holds with him. He’s the best little baby boy in the world! I want time to slow down because at this rate it seems like he’ll be 3 before we know it, but I love watching him grow and seeing his personality shine through now. Motherhood is the best and I’m so, so thankful God’s blessed our lives with him.

This month has been crazy! He’s teething, both of his top front teeth are coming in at once. We had an 11 day sleep regression that almost kicked my butt. Naps weren’t great and some naps were totally non existent. He went from sleeping 12 hours a night to waking up every 2-4 hours and needed to be fed. He had later bedtimes, woke up earlier, and I was totally exhausted by the end of it. BUT he learned so much and it was totally worth it! He’s now getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth! He’s getting closer to crawling every day! He’s started babbling so much and even says Dada at least once a day. No, he has no clue what it means yet, but we do and we get so excited every time! 😉

Highlights and memories from this past month:

He’s getting his top two teeth! I noticed yesterday I can see them peeking through ever so slightly. He’s honestly handled teething like a champ so far! Since he first started teething with his bottom 2 teeth there have only been 2 nights that he’s woken up with them hurting. The rest of the time he pretty much just chews on everything. That’s our only sign that he’s working on another tooth coming through. He’s not really fussy with it at all (so far anyways) and I’m so thankful.

He’s totally mastered rolling over. Changing his diaper and his clothes is an adventure now. We have to immediately give him a toy as soon as we put him down on the changing table. But I’m realizing it’s actually a little easier to change his clothes when he’s on his belly!

Speaking of rolling over, he does this thing where he’ll roll over to his side and pat his leg. You’ll see a photo of it below. It’s so cute! It’s like he’s posing.

We’ve had my family come visit this month and that was lots of fun! Granda and Dude came a couple times of course, and his Aunt Selinda and Uncle Robbie came for a few days too and Torin loved having them here! Funny story – one morning I was getting an outfit out for Selinda to put on him and I said, “He can wear this today and tomorrow we’ll let him wear shorts!” Torin didn’t miss a beat, he yelled out and it sounded exactly like he said, “YAY!!!” It was hilarious!

Granda and Dude gave him some sunglasses in his Easter basket and we’ve loved putting them on him! We have to distract him for a few minutes so he forgets they’re on, but he’s so cute in them!

Torin also got to travel with us to Chattanooga for my cousin’s Anniversary Session. He hung out with Granda and Dude all day and had lots of fun with Aunt Tonya and Uncle Andy, too!

I’m proud to say nursing is still going well! We’re seven months in and I had no idea I’d do it for this long, let alone even be able to nurse him at all, but I’m so incredibly thankful for it. It’s one of my favorite things about motherhood. We’re feeding him solids every day now, but he’s still primarily breastfed and I’m so thankful we’ve made it this long with it. It’s such a blessing to me.

I know he’ll be crawling before pretty soon! I’m excited for him to reach that milestone, but I’m not hurrying it along. I want him to stay our sweet baby boy as long as possible before he grows into a toddler. Torin, we love you so very, very much!

Granda and Dude got him the cutest Easter basket with an outfit, food, sunglasses and a toy! He loved it!

I could stare at his sweet face all. day. long.

He rocks back on his side like this all the time! It’s so cute! Then he’ll smile at us and pat his leg. 🙂

His Uncle Forrest got him this toy and he loves it!! He’s learned how to push the buttons on it to make it talk to him.

Torin got to go with us to an engagement session and he was so good! He didn’t fuss or cry or anything. He just strolled around with Daddy!

This is how we find him every morning! He’s obsessed with this camera! He rolls over to his belly, and moves around until he’s at the foot of the bed so he can see it better. Don’t worry! We’re buying a thing this week to mount it to the wall so he can’t grab it!

The photo underneath this next one is what he does when he’s tired. He puts two fingers in his mouth and brings the other hand on top of it. He’s never really taken to a pacifier and to be honest, he only seems to do suck on his fingers to let us know he’s tired. Once he’s in his bed he usually goes straight to sleep without needing to suck on his hands.

I know, why am I included photos of him crying?? It’s because he almost never cries. This is probably the first time, other than his newborn photos, that he cried while I was taking photos and it was only because he was tired. He cried for all of about 10 seconds and put his 2 fingers in his mouth. He’s the sweetest boy.

My goodness I love his smile!

Yep – this is how we know he’s teething! Anything and everything gets chewed on! We love you Torin!!

April 23, 2018



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