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Torin Xander | 18 Months

It has been WAY too long since Torin’s had a blog post on here. Today’s is his 18 month blog post (yes, he’s 18 months already!!), but these photos are from 13 months – 18 months. It may be a long post, be warned!! In the past 6 months we’ve celebrated Christmas, played in the snow, played in leaves, my sister had her baby girl! And Torin has changed so, SO much!! So – here are some of my favorite memories from the past 6 months!!

  • Torin is officially in 18 month clothes, but he also can wear 12 month and 24 month. I’m not sure how! Haha But he does have clothes of all 3 of those sizes that fit him.
  • We officially moved in to our new home and got everything unpacked and in it’s place! We LOVE it!! Our other house was amazing and the perfect first house for us, but this house is just so cozy and we love it so much! Torin especially loves the basement where most of his toys are, but he also loves being upstairs where he can run the whole length of the house. He likes to run through the hallway and into his bedroom and shuts the door on us. He’ll wait there a few seconds before opening the door and screaming at us with excitement!
  • Hide and seek is probably his favorite game! He LOVES it!! He likes to run to the front door because there’s a small wall there so he feels like he’s hiding from us. Then we hide and he runs around trying to find us. As soon as he does he screams and then runs back to the front door to wait for us to hide!
  • Have you guys picked up on the fact that I’m saying “running”?? Because he is! He learned to walk almost as soon as we moved in this house and Usbec and I haven’t gotten to sit down since! Haha! He walked for about 3 months before it turned into a run! He keeps me on my feet, but I love the sound of his little feet pitter-pattering through the house.
  • He has 14 teeth now!!! And is working on his two bottom cuspids. They’ve given him a little bit of a hard time. He sailed right on through the other 12 teeth without much problem. But these cuspids have given him colds, lots of drool, earaches, and lots of snot! He’s had a few fussy days with them too, but they’re so close to breaking through!
  • At 13 months we quit nursing and I had such a hard time with it. It was one of the best seasons of my life, ever. I’m so thankful for that time with him and it still makes me teary eyed to think about it. Torin was never really into giving hugs and kisses though and about 2-3 weeks after he quit nursing he started randomly giving me hugs and kisses. Now he’ll actually come and cuddle with us for a little while and I’m so thankful for it.
  • In the past month, his vocabulary has really exploded. He was just saying a few words here and there, but now he’ll repeat words back to us a lot. He says “agua” when he wants water. Every time he sees his flintsone car downstairs, he’ll yell “Car!”. He’s not saying sentences yet and a lot of what he does say isn’t said completely correctly, but he’s learning more every day!
  • He still LOVES to clean! The other day he spilt some juice and immediately handed me his cup and went to get a towel to clean it up. When I’m cleaning up after supper, he likes to get his little broom and help me clean the floor. He’s surprisingly good at making huge messes in a very short amount of time, but he’s also very good about putting everything back in it’s correct place when I tell him it’s time to clean up.
  • He got his 2nd and third haircuts in the past 6 months. You’ll see in a few of these photos his hair was entirely too long, but we finally got it cut last week! He did really great too! It took 40 minutes because the barber shop we take him to, is careful and does a really good job! And Torin didn’t get fussy at all. He does really good with it.
  • He loves music! I mean, loves it! It doesn’t matter how fussy he gets, if we turn on some music he breaks out his dance skills and a smile spreads across his face!
  • We celebrated his second Christmas! He got way too many gifts, but he loves them all! It was so fun with him at Christmas this year, seeing him get excited over everything.
  • He has a Bible Storybook that we keep in the car and he loves that thing! As soon as we open the car door he starts saying “Bible” and we’ll hand it to him and he will flip through the pages and stare at each page the entire length of the trip. We went an hour away one day and he looked at it the entire time! He loves it!
  • He, for some reason, loves to get out his extra sheet or a towel and put it over his head and walk around with it. We’ll fix it so that it doesn’t cover his eyes and he’ll just walk all around with it on his head while he plays. If it falls off, he brings it to us and wants us to put it back on him! Haha, it’s so hilarious!
  • He was going to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and getting up around 10am. Then he’d take one nap that’d be about an hour long. But since the time change he’s been going to bed around 7:30 or 8pm, getting up anywhere from 8-9:30am and then taking a 2 hour nap.
  • He’s somewhat of a picky eater. Chicken, turkey, apple sauce, black beans, pinto beans, and fish are always a hit. Anything else, not so much!
  • He loves being outside so much! Especially when we go to Granda’s and Dude’s! He likes to moo at the cows and see them and he likes walking up and down the sidewalk. He usually cries every time we take him inside. He’s going to basically live out there this summer! Haha!

I know there’s so much more, but I haven’t been really good about keeping up with everything since I quit the monthly blog posts. 🙁 This is a good highlight though!

He loved playing in the leaves. We get an insane amount of leaves in our yard. Usbec hates it, but Torin loved it! Haha!

He’s just so stinking cute!
Of course we had to get some photos of him at the Christmas tree in our new house!
He wasn’t sure about the snow at all. But I honestly think that’s more because his snowsuit was a little too small!
Christmas morning!! This first photo is definitely going to be a tradition! We have one like this from his first Christmas, too when he was just 3 months old!
Usbec and I got him this little recliner and he loves it!!
This is Christmas at Granda and Dude’s! He got way too many gifts here, but it was so fun to see him get so excited! The mop and broom set were his favorite!
Haha!! His expressions are hilarious!
Torin got some puzzles at Meme’s house, so she had to show him how to work them!
Torin got to see Santa again this year and it did not go well! He cried most of the time, but we managed to get a couple good photos!
Ya’ll know we bought a pizzeria and what’s a pizzeria without a chef?? This is the cutest chef ever! If you visit Stephen’s Pizzeria, you’ll see a big canvas of Torin on the wall!
Torin loves to help his Daddy! He got so excited when Usbec handed him a towel and showed him how to clean the car!
Torin has a new baby cousin!! These are a few photos of him at the hospital waiting for her to arrive!
He was a little jealous of Mommy and Daddy holding baby Madalyn, but he’s warming up to her now!
He calls her “Mad” and I think they’re going to be best of friends!
He may hate me for these one day, but they’re too good not to share! We took these because we wanted something else to decorate our laundry room with, so we had a canvas made of the last photo here. He actually does help me with laundry!
He doesn’t officially help with photography – yet! But he loves pressing the button on the camera 🙂
Living his best life mooing at the cows!
I just love these!!
His official 18 month photos – so difficult to take because he hardly ever sits still!! But so worth it!! <3

March 26, 2019



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