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Torin’s Nautical Nursery

Well…15 months later and I’m FINALLY getting Torin’s nursery blogged. This was his nursery from our house in Knoxville but I decided to blog it anyways instead of his room in the new house for multiple reasons. 1. I have photos of his nursery from the Knoxville house and I don’t have photos from this house yet! Haha! 2. We painted the wall in Knoxville and we didn’t/haven’t done that here. 3. This was his first room. So it’s special and sentimental and all that goopy stuff. I love our house here in Kingsport, it’s so much cozier than our house in Knoxville ever felt. But that was where we brought Torin home for the first time and I have so many sweet memories of that house and his room. I PROMISE there’s a blog post coming soon about our move to Kingsport and I’ll be sharing photos of our new house with that post. Hopefully I’ll get that done in the next few weeks!

So, onto Torin’s room. When we first started planning his room we really struggled with what theme we wanted to use. I loved the idea of animals but everything looked so cartoony and I didn’t want that. Then, somewhere along the way I came across some nautical themed photos and fell in love!! We were able to find the cutest things to complete his room with that theme in mind and I STILL love it 15 months later!
This is a wide shot of his room. Usbec and I painted the blue stripes on just one wall behind the crib.

Kingsport Family Photography_0012.jpg
We found the anchors and letters for his name at Hobby Lobby and painted them to match. Mom made the quilt that’s hanging over his bed! My Aunt Sally bought his bedding for us and Mom made an extra quilt so we can swap them out every so often!
Kingsport Family Photography_0013.jpg
The frame above his changing table was an old frame I had made for my office, but I decided to redo the background and hang it in his room with photos. He loves that frame and looking at the photos in it! When we get him ready for bed, he likes to point to Usbec and say “Dada” almost every night! The changing pad cover came from Babies R Us and the storage box for his diapers was a gift we received at our baby shower.
Kingsport Family Photography_0014.jpg
My cousin, Drew, made this sign for us and we LOVE it!! It’s one of our favorite things in his room! You can check out his business here : Drawn Design He’s always adding new things! He does so much more than signs and I promise you’ll find something you love!
Kingsport Family Photography_0015.jpg
We found this oar at Bargain Hunt for $9 and knew we HAD to have it for Torin’s room! We hang his towels on it after his bath every night!
Kingsport Family Photography_0016.jpg
The lamp is from Target and his diaper pail is a Bubula. We added his name to it with stickers from Hobby Lobby. 🙂 Because I know I’ll get questions, yes, we LOVE this diaper pail! We actually had a piece break off at one point and their customer service department was great at sending us a replacement part! It kept the smell away for a long, long time. But it’s actually started to smell a little now. I think it really just needs to be aired out though! Unfortunately it doesn’t get much time without any diapers in it! Hahah!
Kingsport Family Photography_0017.jpg
My mom found the clock on Amazon and it’s the perfect addition!!
Kingsport Family Photography_0018.jpg
Kingsport Family Photography_0019.jpg
Ya’ll this glider was a steal! We got it at Bargain Hunt for $56!! Can you believe that?? Babies R Us had the exact same one for almost $200! The ottoman was that same cream color and we were worried it would get dirty and ugly really quickly, so mom made us a cover to go over it! And Selinda made the pillow to match the quilt that Mom made!
Kingsport Family Photography_0020.jpg
The anchor box was a gift, I don’t know where it came from but we love it! And the piggy bank was actually an old one that Usbec had. He painted it to match Torin’s room for him!
Kingsport Family Photography_0021.jpg
Since we’ve moved, we took the bookshelf out of Torin’s room. His room here is a little smaller so there wasn’t a space for it, but I also didn’t feel like it was totally safe for when Torin gets a little older and starts climbing on things. I’m hoping Usbec will make him some shelves soon for all of his books! 😉 In the mean time, we’ve placed some books and other decor items from the bookshelf in other places in his new room!
Kingsport Family Photography_0022.jpg
And lastly, I found the blackout curtains at Target online! The were the perfect finishing touch! We love his room and he does too! Although he loves pulling everything out into the middle of the floor more than he does the decor. But that’s ok! 😉
Kingsport Family Photography_0023.jpg

December 24, 2018



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