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Today’s blog post is a fun one! I’m sharing unique exit ideas that are different than the ever popular sparklers! Can I be honest with you guys? I love sparklers. I really do. They’re fun, they’re pretty, they’re sparkly. But I also kind of hate them. They’re dangerous, they’re scary, they’re hot. Oh goodness, I’ve heard so many scary stories about sparklers at weddings. There’s a reason some venues don’t allow them! I get that they make for a pretty exit, especially at night. But is it worth potentially getting burned, or worse, ruining your dress??

The thing about sparklers is, you have to have two lines of guests and they need to get pretty close actually so that your photo looks as awesome as you want it to. Then, YOU, the bride and groom, have to walk down the middle of it – with sparks flying all around you! Last year we had a couple that had a sparkler exit and the bride was down right terrified to walk down the middle. I honestly couldn’t blame her and I was just so thankful that there weren’t a ton of guests there, because I was able to stand at the end instead of having to walk backwards through the line like I usually do! In their photos you can literally see the sparks flying all around them. And ladies, in case you haven’t thought about it, most brides have a TON of hairspray in their hair…hairspray and fire…you get the picture.

So here are some safer ideas. Just in case you’re looking for something else. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I really do love sparkler exits, but for the safety of all involved, I’m pretty thrilled when I hear that my couples have opted to go with something different! Plus, different options can be just as pretty, if not prettier!

  1. Bubbles

Yes, bubbles. We had bubbles at our wedding and not only was it fun but I love how the photos turned out! If you want the photos to be extra epic, ask your guests to take two bottle and use as much as they can! It’s good to get the bubbles going before you walk through AND while you’re walking!

2. Flower petals

Oh my goodness, how beautiful are flower petals? So romantic and soft and they just make the BEST photos!! Large pieces flying all around you, it’s so beautiful!

3. Confetti

Confetti is great because if you order a little extra we can use them during the bride and groom photos and wedding party photos, too! There are confetti bombs or you can just package some up in cute little packets. One of our FAVORITE exits ever was Brittany and Gordon’s wedding at Cooper’s Cove, pictured below. They had confetti packaged up and their guests tossed it during the recessional. It was so stinkin’ fun! Then we used some leftover packets during their bride and groom and bridal party photos and they’re still some of our favorite photos today!

4. LED Balloons

I’m unsure if these are balloons that some might want to release into the sky or if they’re harder and wouldn’t float away, but either way, I recommend having someone to gather them back up instead of releasing them. That way they won’t become a danger to birds and other animals. BUT how gorgeous would these be?? They’d give off light for night exits and be so gorgeous in the photos! I haven’t seen very many of these as an exit either, so it’d also be a little unique!

5. Ribbon Wands

You can make these on your own or buy them already made but they make for a gorgeous exit! We’ve had several weddings use them and they’re always really pretty!

Pink and Navy Wedding Coopers Cove at Heritage Park (23)

All of these ideas can be incorporated at any point during your wedding day that you choose! We’ve seen “exits” from the ceremony, in the middle of the reception, or at the very end of the reception. And don’t worry! Even if your exit is after dark we have flashes to help light the way and make your photos pop no matter what you’re using!

January 7, 2019



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