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Makeup That Lasts All Day

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If you follow me on my instagram (@melindashereephotography) you may have seen that I’ve started something new!!! Now before you turn your nose up to this hear me out, ok? 🙂

I’m so nervous to share this because I know the rep MLM’s have. I hate when people I’ve never talked to, or haven’t talked to in years, randomly message me telling me I need to try this new product they’re selling. I think we can all agree something about that selling tactic is just…icky. Right? So, before I make my big announcement here on the blog, just know that I KNOW what you’re thinking. I know how annoying it is! But I’d love if you’d stick around to read my heart behind this decision! And one last thing…I’m not the person who seeks out customers. Maybe it’s because I’m shy, maybe it’s because I know how annoying it is, or maybe it’s because I think it’s rude to message someone you literally haven’t talked to in 15 years to try to get them to buy stuff from you. I’m not that person and if you keep reading you’ll understand my heart behind this new endeavor! <3

I signed up to be a distributor for SeneGence!!! You may have heard of LipSense, and SeneGence is the company that sells LipSense. I came across a local girl’s instagram page several months back after my sister mentioned it to me and, for some reason, I was hooked! I couldn’t stop watching her insta stories! Next thing I knew, weeks later, I was following multiple SeneGence distributors and I was obsessed! I should mention, my fascination came because, around the same time, I was on the search for the perfect makeup that would stay in place all day. I was so tired of photographing weddings and looking like a hot mess 2 hours into them. I had tried multiple types of makeup but, without fail, every single one melted off my face 2-3 hours into a wedding day.

These girls were saying their SeneGence products stayed in place all. day. long. One girl even posted a selfie after GIVING BIRTH and ya’ll, her makeup was almost flawless! I had to try it for myself. So, I ordered me some CCTM (I’ll talk about the products specifically another day, but CCTM is Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer) and I was hooked. Of course I couldn’t stop there, I ended up ordering a lip color, a gloss, foundation tester, pearlizer tester, and a shadow color. I wore it all to our first wedding of the year and when we got in the car that night I looked in the mirror and said, “Oh my gosh! My makeup is STILL on!” Usbec said, “Yeah, that’s what I was noticing all day. Is that the new stuff you bought?” Ummmm yes! We were so amazed! It’s the perfect wedding photographer makeup and bridal makeup! I’ve had a few brides this year that used LipSense on their big day and they just applied once and forgot about it the rest of the day!

A week later SeneGence started a new promo where you could sign up to be a distributor and get that money back in credit. That promo ran for 1 whole month. I talked to other distributors, I talked poor Usbec’s ear off about it, and ya’ll I seriously prayed about it for the entire month! I don’t know why it was such a huge decision for me. I mean, it was a no risk decision. If I didn’t end up wanting to sell, I could quit any time and not be out anything. But for some reason it sat on my mind and my heart for the entire month. And I just felt like it was something I HAD to do. The girls I was following were so uplifting, so encouraging, and I just related to them on so many levels. I truly felt like God had brought these girls and this company into my life for a reason.

My heart behind this is to help our family save a little more financially. Usbec and I have dreamed of being able to move to Johnson City and build our forever home there some day. We’re slowly saving for that now, but if this little side hustle could help us reach that goal a little quicker then that’d just be amazing. If not, then that’s ok! I’ll still be able to get my makeup at a discount!

I have honestly fallen in love with these products – the way it’s helped my skin, the way it stays on ALL DAY LONG (even at a 100 degree wedding with minimal breeze), the community of women behind it, the ladies I’ve met who have already started supporting me and my little family. I just love everything about it. And so I share it because I feel like it’s made me better. Is that too big to say for a makeup company?? Maybe. But it’s true. Torin gets to help me package up the orders, Usbec is making me a little stand to keep my makeup in and he’s already getting ideas of how to make bigger displays for the products I have to sell, and it’s just becoming this little family adventure and I LOVE IT! I love that I get to share this with them. I love that I’m finding the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try a bolder lip color – it’s giving me confidence! I love that every day I’m being surrounded by women who are encouraging and pushing each other forward and I love, love, love getting to hear back from the ladies who order from me and tell me how much they love the product! Do we need these products to be beautiful? No, the Lord’s already created us that way. But these products bring us together in a unique way, we get to be creative with them trying out new looks, and it’s just something I’m so excited about!

So, I signed up – at the last minute. And if possible, I love it even more now. I’ve seriously never had so much fun with makeup. I’m a girly girl and I’ve worn makeup for years and years, but I’ve never had this much fun with it! And believe it or not, it’s helped me feel more beautiful in my own skin. I don’t feel like I have to put the makeup on every day, I’m confident without it. But I WANT to! Most days anyways. Let’s be real, I am a new mom and I do work from home, so there’s still plenty of days in the week when I don’t put on makeup at all. 🙂 But it’s just so fun! AND it’s honestly made my skin better, healthier. SeneGence products have skin care in them so they’re working for your skin and not against it all day. I haven’t even gotten the skin care line yet and my skin already feels healthier!

I’d LOVE to have you join me over at @snapmamabeauty on Instagram or in the Facebook group found here: Snap Mama Beauty. I just share a little of my life, the products, and Torin’s sweet face every now and then. 🙂 There’s never any obligation or random message from me at all! I’d just love to have you join me on this journey! 🙂

wedding photographer makeup, makeup for summer heat

ooops remover, wedding photographer makeup, bridal makeup

wedding photographer makeup, makeup that lasts all day

neutral lip colors, wedding photographer makeup

wedding photographer makeup, longwear makeup

That last photo is Usbec and I leaving out last wedding after 9 hours!! It was so incredibly hot! And there wasn’t much of a breeze, but you better believe that makeup stayed in place! You also better believe those cake pops were the bomb! 😉

July 9, 2018



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