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What To Do With Your Digital Images

Last week I shared about our new gallery system, Cloudspot. I’m so in love with it! Today though, I want to share about what you should do once you receive your online gallery from your photographer!

Raise your hand if you’ve had professional photos done and you receive the gallery, look at the images, and then only download a couple to share on social media right away! I’m raising my hand high over here!! When we had our maternity photos done, that’s exactly what I did! I was so embarrassed when I had to reach out to our photographer and ask her for another download link!

I haven’t received emails like that yet, but I think that’s only because our previous gallery system would keep photos backed up for 10 years! I know that the galleries that are older than 1 year though have officially gone in to archive and those clients will have to wait 6+ hours to receive their images if they try to download them now. That’s the biggest reason we switched galleries! So, if you’re a client of ours from 2017 to present day, your galleries are being uploaded to the new software! But today I’m talking about what to do with those images once you receive the link!

  1. Download the photos IMMEDIATELY!
what to do with your digital images

No matter who your photographer is or what gallery they’re using, once you receive your online gallery or download link, the first step is to download the photos to your computer immediately!!! Let me say that again, Download your photos IMMEDIATELY!! I promise, chances are sky high if you don’t download it right away you may forget and your photographer may have an archival retrieval fee meaning you’ll have to pay an additional fee to have your photos brought out of archive!

2. Once they’re downloaded to your computer, back them up somewhere safe.

I can’t emphasize this enough!! Computers crash, hard drives crash, digital media/technology is ALWAYS changing! BACK UP YOUR IMAGES! Go out and get you a hard drive just for your photos if you have to and back the images up! Remember floppy disks? Or CDs?? 6 years ago, I was delivering images on Cds! Now our computers don’t even have cd drives! This is the main reason I switched to digital delivery. Another option is an online storage company like CrashPlan or Backblaze. We’ve used both and loved them both. We’re currently running with Backblaze. And ya’ll, you can get a plan for $6 a month! But the point is, back up your images and then listen to Grandma’s advice and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket! Back them up in a second place for safe keeping! Once your photographer delivers your images they aren’t responsible for holding on to them anymore. Some photographers do “just in case”, but computer crashes happen to the best of us! Back them up twice yourself!

3. Once they’re downloaded and backed up in 2 places, print them.

what to do with your digital images

We’ve had couples and families who print every single image they receive and I applaud them for that! One of my most treasured possessions is our wedding album. We have an heirloom album that was pretty pricey, to be honest, but we also have a separate album that just has 4×6 images placed in to it. Whether you print them big to hang on your walls or print them in wallet size, PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! Just like I said before, floppy disks don’t exist anymore, it’s becoming increasingly useless to have cds laying around the house, and technology is ever changing. Don’t risk losing all of your photos because you didn’t take the time to print them. Heirloom albums may not be the cheapest option, but I guarantee you they’ll be one of the most priceless items found in your home! And when technology looks nothing like what we have today, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time and the investment to have an album made!

May 7, 2019



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