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What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

What should I wear for my engagement session? It’s a question we get asked every. single. time. And it’s an important one! I realized this week that even though I answer the question a lot, I’ve never actually written a blog post about it! Can ya’ll believe that?? So today, I’m doing just that! Here are my top tips on what to wear for your engagement session!

  1. Get fancy!

I cannot stress this one enough! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably in yoga pants, shorts and a tee, or jeans 95% of the time. Use this as an opportunity to get fancy! And no, I don’t just mean a simple Sunday dress. Don’t be afraid to really jazz it up! A long flowy dress or skirt with heels (or even barefoot based on your location!), a suit and tie. Stop and pick up some flowers on the way and have a simple (or maybe even extravagant) bouquet. I’m not kidding about this ya’ll. when your photographer tells you to have a dressy outfit and a casual outfit, they really mean a fancy, dressy outfit! Trust me! Couples who choose a fancier outfit are more likely to have those photos printed and hung all over their home! Proof – we chose a dressy outfit for our maternity photos, but our engagement photos were MUCH more casual. We have them printed, but they’re printed pretty small. Where as our maternity photos are printed much bigger and we’re so proud to show them off! GET FANCY!

what to wear for engagement session

2. Brides – pick something with movement

This could be a long dress, a mid length skirt, etc. Anything that’s a “light” fabric that will blow in the wind a little. Something you can twirl in and something that feels feminine. I should add here not to choose something that’s “boxy” as that can make you appear wider than you are. Don’t be afraid to have it tie or cinch at the waist to show off your curves a little!

3. Choose something that fits properly and is comfortable.

You don’t want to wear anything too tight, or too big. You will be walking, sitting, and just moving in general, so be sure not to wear something that’s too short that you’ll have to constantly be mindful of. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, it’s probably best to choose a dress that’s not sleeveless. The best piece of advice I can give you here, is that if you’re uncomfortable in it, that will show in your photos. And if you don’t love the outfit in general, you’ll really not love it in your photos.

what to wear for engagement session

4. Patterns vs. Solids

In general, solids photograph best. Be sure to stay away from graphic tees or anything with large logos as these can be distracting. As far as patterns go, they’re not a huge no, just be sure to stick with bigger patterns when it comes to stripes or plaids. If they’re too small they can photograph very strangely and that can’t be edited out. And lastly, be sure not to clash patterns. If you’re incorporating a pattern for one person, it’s probably best that the other person be in a solid color.

5. Accessories and Layers

Don’t be afraid to add accessories and layers!! Think hats, scarves, bold statement necklaces or dangly earrings. Vests, ties, suspenders, or suit coats for the guys. This kind of goes back to the “Get Fancy” tip at the beginning. You can take a more casual outfit for the groom and have it dressed up simply by adding a vest or suspenders and some nice dress shoes. Accessories and layers are also a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to your otherwise “solid color” outfits without it being too much.

6. Shoes

Please don’t wear tennis shoes to your engagement session. You can thank me for that tip later. 😉 Dress shoes, heels, or any other type of “nice” shoe can make your entire session look so much more “fancy”. Plus heels help elongate making you look a little slimmer!

7. Colors

When in doubt go neutral! And neutral doesn’t have to be just tans, grays, or creams. You could choose a lighter, muted shade of any color to make your engagement session stand out! For sure, neon colors are a huge no as they can cause a color cast back on your skin. Also, be mindful of your season and location. A bright pink probably wouldn’t look right in the middle of Fall colored trees. For beach sessions, blues, mints, or sea foam colors would look great! For mountains, muted, light shades of pinks, cream, dusty blues, etc. would look stunning!

what to wear for your engagement session

8. Coordinate, don’t match

Remember when it was super popular to have the entire family dressed in khakis with white tees? Yeah, that’s not in anymore. Now you want to be sure to coordinate your outfits instead of totally matching. This actually applies to jeans too. It looks so much better if only one person is in jeans instead of both!

9. Casual Outfit

Remember for the “dressy” outfit, I said to actually think “fancy”? Well for the casual outfit, you may want to actually think “dressy”! This could be a pair of dark jeans, nice dress shoes, a dress shirt, and a vest for the groom (and his fancy outfit dress pants with a suit coat and tie!). Or even khakis with some suspenders and a dress shirt. For the girl, this could be another dress just not as fancy, light colored dress pants with heels, etc. There’s nothing wrong with going more casual (like what you’d wear on a date day instead of date night), but being dressier instantly heightens the look of your engagement session.

10. Props

Obviously, include anything that’s special to you as a couple. We may not take a ton of photos with these types of props, but do include them for a few quick shots! Beyond that, the best props are a neutral colored blanket (don’t forget yours!), flower crown, your puppy (have someone who can either bring them at the end, or watch them during the majority of your session), a bouquet of flowers, a cheeseboard with some wine glasses and some sort of liquid to go in them, a fruit spread, etc. Remember to think “fancy” and you’ll be on the right track! 🙂

fall farragut engagement photography (25)

BONUS: All the other details

Don’t forget to get your ring cleaned! Empty your pockets!!!! You can leave everything in our bag. Choose 2 outfits – fancy and dressy. And lastly, come prepared to have fun! You’ll get to cuddle, kiss, laugh, and just have a ton of fun!

April 11, 2019



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